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Kindles in the Wild – When Darkness Comes – Alexandra Ivy – May 18, 2022 – The Maryland Zoo in Balti

I think I have told you guys before that we try to make this at least an annual visit if not more often, but this particular visit was for more than just the animals. We heard there were dinosaurs at the zoo and we just had to come see for ourselves.

The rumors were true! There were roaring, moving dinosaurs at the zoo and it was well worth the visit. These beasts of old were big and loud and you could hear them calling before you got too far down the trail. Now mind you this is an additional cost above the normal zoo admission, but as they are only there for a limited run you are not going to want to miss out.

We were also happy to see that the zoo had taken steps to make the old Victorian era exhibits into a kind of walk through history on your way to the zoo exit. It was amazing getting to see the old structures, slowly being reclaimed by the green around them, with placards telling you what was housed there and how they were once the top of the line when they were first installed.

Keep in mind that the birds were not out for us to experience when we went due to the bird flu, but there were plenty of other fascinating things to keep you entertained during the entire trip. Of course, you know me, I had to find a bench or two along the way and stop to get in a few pages f my current book.

And I can only shake my head and ask myself why I allowed this book to live in my Too Be Read folder for so long. This book was fast paced and entertaining and I absolutely loved the characters that graced the pages. The author brought my favorite elements of a PNR and brought it to the party with this vampire romance.

The dinosaurs won’t wait for you to come visit, but the book may. Although why would you want to wait? This book is going to be one that sets you off on the rabbit trail of book series. Luckily there are plenty of them to keep you entertained for some time to come.

Happy Reading


The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

One Safari Place

Baltimore, MD 21217

When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity Book 1)

Published to Amazon on March 22, 2013

Author Alexandra Ivy

A woman finds danger and desire with a vampire demon in this “sizzling paranormal romance” series debut by the New York Times bestselling author (Savannah Russe, USA Today bestselling author of Beyond the Pale).

The day Abby Barlow broke a priceless vase, she thought she might lose her job. She had no idea what she was in for. In just a few hours, she's survived an explosion, watched her employer die, had a startling dream, and now she finds herself in a seedy Chicago hotel with the sexy vampire demon Dante, whom she both desires and fears. For centuries, Dante has stood as guardian to The Chalice, a mortal woman chosen to hold back the darkness threatening to overtake the world. A terrible twist of fate has now made Abby that woman. Three hours ago, Dante would have used all his charms to seduce her. Now she is his to protect in an epic battle between good and evil—and a desperate race to save their love.

Official published review:

A new awakening

I think I just found my new favorite author/series! The characters are absolutely fantastic and engaging! They break up the high intensity danger with witty repartee, snarky attitude, and steamy heat, all while learning their way in their new reality and taking out the bad guys. I love how the author kept the story fast-paced and moving while lingering over the details and creating this wonderful world I wouldn’t mind living in, even with the constant threat of danger and death. This story absolutely captivated me from the first page and I can’t wait to experience every book and relationship in the series.

5 stars


Alexandra Ivy graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage. She started her career writing traditional regencies before moving into the world of paranormal with her USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times bestselling series The Guardians of Eternity. Now she writes a wide variety of genres that include paranormal, erotica, and romantic suspense

Author’s Website:

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