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Kindles in the Wild – Wake Up Alpha – Anna Fury – November 13, 2021

Time sure is flying by the closer we get to the end of the year! I can’t believe that in another week I will be heading to the snowy north to pick Mollee up for the holidays! Why just last month my friend and I went for a quick weekend visit to see her perform in Swan Lake, more to come on that in another addition of Kindles in the Wild.

While we were there, we had to find indoor activities as the snow was off an on all weekend, I did mention this was the frozen north, right? Of course, with Mollee, that means hitting the mall or any shop where she can spend my money. But regardless we had a fantastic time. And check out this fantastic restaurant we found for an early dinner before heading back to school so Mollee could get her preshow prep and ballet class on.

This place had amazing texmex food, with wonderful decorations that drew the eye, and my favorite part is the huge front windows that let in the light, no eating in the dark at this place, and the beauty of watching the snow swirl and fall. It was a little bit loud, but conversation was still manageable, and it made it the perfect location to get in a few pages of my book.

This book is the second installment from the author and just proves that she is going to be headed for great things in the future. I loved the characters, and the storyline was fantastic. I really hope she has a lot more books planned for the series because there are so many people that I hope to see get their own HEA.

If you are ever in the Erie area, although it would seem this restaurant has more then just this one location, you should certainly check it out as the food was fantastic! And this book is a must read for all of you who love dystopian romances with an alpha/omega vibe.

Happy Reading


Mad Mex

5800 Peach St

Erie, PA 16509

Wake Up, Alpha: A Dystopian Shifter Romance (Alpha Compound Series Book 2)

Published to Amazon on September 16, 2021

Author Anna Fury

Pen I’ve seen firsthand the monsters that men turn into when they’re hit with the virus. I’ve been at their bedside in the ER when the Task Force comes and hauls them away. I’ve heard the stories of women getting kidnapped right off the street, never to be seen again. What I’m unprepared for is the day my best friend Mal goes missing, only to turn up upstate in a mansion, claiming one of the Awakened beasts is her “mate”.

When I find her, I’m equally unprepared for the broken and brooding alpha male she warns me away from. The one so deranged that the pack’s “enforcer” has to regularly drag him home, wrapped up in chains so he doesn’t kill someone. He’s clearly insane, but there’s a fire in his eyes that calls to me, a deep and primal power that tugs at my soul.

There’s just one other problem. His only memory is of beautiful blue eyes. Blue eyes he can’t stop thinking about. Blue eyes that aren’t my own - even as our connection grows. I shouldn’t let him touch me, but I can’t stop.

My presence drives him to the very edges of his frayed sanity, and I’m terrified to find out what happens when his restraint finally snaps.

Wake Up, Alpha is the second book in the Alpha Compound series, by Anna Fury. This dystopian MF omegaverse romance features a firecracker heroine and destroyed alpha finding their own HEA.

Official published review:

Slumber no more

This series is quickly becoming my new favorite series, and this book is a fantastic addition to it! Once again the author has created some amazing characters! I love how they both have their own baggage, but they discovered that the past is so much more than they were thinking. They are strong, and weak in their own way, but the connection between them cannot be denied. The author took us on a fantastic journey to love and family, there was some pain, but even more pleasure along the way. This book is intense, both emotionally and in the action/danger areas, and kept me entertained and enthralled until the very last page. I can’t wait to read all about the next alpha who finds their perfect omega.

5 stars


Anna Fury is a North Carolina native, fluent in snark and sarcasm, tiki decor, and an aficionado of phallic plants. Visit her on Instagram for a glimpse into the sexiest wiener wallpaper you’ve ever seen. #ifyouknowyouknow

She writes any time she has a free minute - walking the dog, in the shower, ON THE TOILET. The voices in her head wait for no one. When she’s not furiously hen-pecking at her computer, she loves to hike and bike and get out in nature.

She currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her Mr. Right, a three year old tornado and two lovely old dogs. Anna LOVES to connect with readers, so visit her on social or email her at

Author’s Website:

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