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Kindles in the Wild – Twins for the Grizzly Boss – Layla Valentine – August 7, 2021

You guys! We have been so busy this summer, with everything that happened with my mom and all of our activities, that I am falling behind on my posts. I promise I am going to get to everything, eventually, but I have so many amazing places and books that I want to share with you that I am going to skip ahead and tell you about what happened this weekend.

The girls and I went to one of our local farms, I can’t believe I never got a chance to do this when the girls were little, for their peach and berry festival and we had an amazing time! Mollee was able to “prospect” for more gems, I think that girl is going to turn into a miner instead of a dancer sometimes, and make an aqua bottle out of the good captain. We skipped the burlap slides, but if you have little ones, they are sure to enjoy heading down the chute, and headed for the craft stalls instead. I may or may not, have spent way to much money on the perfect mermaid wall hanging and some more crystals for the girls, but mums the word on that one.

We arrived at 9am which is really the perfect time to hit the stalls activities early to avoid excessive amounts of people and to have first dibs on all of the goodies. Of course, if that means you have a peach and berry sundae on an apple cider donut for breakfast, I won’t judge you. Okay! You got me! I totally had a sundae for breakfast, and it was completely worth it. We even took a walk through the onsite retail store and left with fresh peaches and a pretty little strawberry pie. Yummy.

The book I took along for this journey is a new author for me and some how I managed to start the series in the middle. Mmmm, I would say this was odd, but I seem to do it all of the time. This was a fantastic contemporary read. Don’t let that title fool you guys, this is not the shifters that you are looking for, but it does have 2 tender hearted people that have to come heart ache and adversity to reach the love that was meant to be. I absolutely loved this book, and I can’t wait to read more by the author.

I hope you find your way over to Weber’s farm if you are ever in the area and no matter where your travel takes you, this is the perfect book to go along for the ride.

Happy Reading


Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

2526 Proctor Lane

Parkville, MD 21234

Twins For The Grizzly Boss (Men of the Mountains Book 5)

Published to Amazon on July 6, 2021

Author Layla Valentine

He's her brother's boss, and now she has to answer to him too, ...she never expected to walk away pregnant, with twins! HER: My brother signed me up as his replacement, I didn’t realize he was throwing me to the wolves! Six weeks of back-breaking work for good pay? No problem. But six weeks working for the hottest, grouchiest mountain rancher I ever met? Now we’ve got a problem. HIM: I’m the kind of man who likes being alone, Hiring someone to help around lambing season is about as sociable as I ever get So when my usual guy sends his twin sister in his stead, well, let’s just say I’m not looking forward to hosting someone new The fact that she’s gorgeous, hardworking, and just about the most joyful presence to ever grace my ranch? That was unexpected. And it’s not long before we get closer than a boss and his ranch hand ever should… I’m usually good at keeping people out, but Mia makes me want to open up. And that’s bad news for both of us, Especially when she tells me she’s pregnant, with twins!

Official published review:

Play it again

What a sweet and emotional story! I love the characters! The author brought out the best in these two when she threw them together in isolation. They both grew, especially Kyle, and overcame some pretty intense moments as they found their way to their HEA. I enjoyed how the author managed to make the story so captivating with out having a “bad guy” to ruin the day, well unless you count the neighbors nasty bull. This book was a fantastic read for when you just want to slow down and feel the love. I can’t wait to read the next book by this author.

5 stars


Layla Valentine is a pen name, and the bestselling author of Rock ‘n’ Stroller’, Baby, ASAP, and Nanny for Hire. Known for her feisty heroines and fast-paced, steamy romances, she writes searingly hot stories packed with billionaires, blackmail and more than a few babies. A weaver of dangerously addictive romance, Layla will pull you into her world with her scintillating plots, and HEAs that stay with you long after you've finished reading.

Author’s Website:

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