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Kindles in the Wild – The Very Bossy Boys Next Door – Chloe Kent- June 25, 2021

After all of the places I have been this summer, this little jaunt has to one of my favorites. Partly because it was that little mental break I needed when mom was just after surgery and on the vent postop. Mollee and I just had to be outside near the water and this place ticked off all of our boxes.

This park is the site of the former Bay Shore Park, one of the state's premiere amusement parks during the first half of the 20th century. You can still see some of the buildings and the old trolley pavilion as you enjoy the great outdoors. There are so many fantastic outdoor things to enjoy at this location, you can fish off the pier, swim in the little swimming area, launch your boat if you have one, or hike around the nature trails. While we were there, we saw a painting class taking advantage of the beautiful day and location and adding some fantasy to the wooden arch to adventure and we saw a lot of photographers snapping pictures of the wildlife on the marsh trails. We kind of thought it was a photography club, but when we asked them, they said they were not.

I would have joined them if they were a club because, as you can see sometimes my pictures are just so hard to capture, evidenced by the cameo of my hands on my IPad, then I either have to find another spot and regroup or just wait until I get to the computer and work some photoshop magic. Luckily this place has lots of places to regroup.

And there are so many places to just sit and relax and read. It’s a good thing I always come prepared with my IPad and my Kindle app. This particular book is the second book on a series that I was down the rabbit hole with at the time. Well, I was actually binging every book that the author has published to Amazon but let’s just keep that to ourselves. This book is perfect when you are looking for a lot of steam with a good story and not a lot of time to set aside for reading. Each book in the series has a connection to the one before it and I truly hope the author continues to send me more books of this kind.

I know that both the location and the book are sure to be a repeat in the future, so if you are ever in the area be sure to check them out to see if you agree.

Happy Reading


North Point State Park

8400 North Point Road

Edgemere, MD 21219

The Very Bossy Boys Next Door (Love Next Door Book 2)

Published to Amazon on May 23, 2021

Author Chloe Kent

It’s all the rage, they told her. Women all over the world are doing it for outrageously large sums of money to obscenely rich men that would keep them cushioned in the arm of luxury for the rest of their lives.For Amber Miller it’s the perfect solution to all her problems. One night at a ritzy hotel with a nice smelling billionaire - because surely all billionaires must smell nice, and she’ll be able to clear her deceased parents’ inherited debt and keep the house her mother loved so much. What could go wrong?The return of the three very bossy boys who live next door!They promised her dad they would look out for her when she was a little girl, and now all grown-up the promise still stands and that makes her completely off limits. But when they discover the answer to her financial woes involves some rich schmuck touching her all bets are off.

Official published review:

No one else

Another wonderful hit by this fantastic author. I enjoyed how this book picked up where the last book left off, only these three have been in denial for years. I love that they swoop in just in the nick of time and how their leading lady proves she is no shrinking violet. The author kept the story realistic and interesting with characters that seemed to be writing their own script. This book is perfect poolside or anytime you have a few hours to spare. I can’t wait to read the next installment! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

5 stars


Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance for as long as she could remember. And now she gets to write them too. Her books always feature a fiery heroine who has no idea what she’s been waiting for until she meets the powerful and dominant hero… or heroes because sometimes it takes more than one. Her favorite things to do are reading and consuming chocolate.

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