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Kindles in the Wild – The Ferret and the Fossa – Amanda Kimberly – August 27, 2022 – World’s Largest

I still have so many tall ships to share with you gys, but one of my favorite things of the weekend was the World’s Largest Rubber Duck. We got there super early on the 2nd day, so we were able to see the actual making of the rubber duck. As you can see, we weren’t the only ones interested. The mounted patrol decided to hang out for a while as well. It always amazes me how well behaved the horses are around something so huge and out of the norm.

The actual making of the duck took about 30-45 minutes, so we checked out the vendors while we waited. Johanna and Mollee were happy since we found a waffle food truck with gluten free waffles. If you are in the Erie area, I highly recommend seeing where these ladies are parked and trying out their sweet and savory waffles. Sooo Good!

For this particular venture I felt a fun and flirty book would be just the right choice. The colors on the cover and the sassy, sweet innuendos inside were perfect to get me in the mood to feel like a kid again. Make no mistake this book is all adult, but it, like all of the other books in the FUC Academy collection are full of fun and laughter, to add just the right spice to the action and danger that follows this couple on their search for the perfect HEA.

Momma and her baby might have flown the coop in Erie for this year but check out the website for their full schedule. And you won’t want to miss this book, no matter what your plans are for the day.

Happy Reading


World’s Largest Rubber Duck

Tall Ships Erie

150 East Front Street

Erie, PA 16507

A Waffle Miracle

The Ferret and the Fossa (FUC Academy Book 29)

Published to Amazon on June 14, 2022

Author Amanda Kimberly

Is he a cat? A dog? A mongoose? Nah, he's a fossa, and this ferret is about to tunnel her way into his heart!

Carol seems to live every girl's dream. She's a ferret shifter with the best job in the world. As a COC handler at FUCN'A, she has the opportunity to travel worldwide on assignments. She answers to no one, which suits her just fine. But once she meets Rayan, a smooth-talking fossa, she begins to wonder if something has been missing from her picture-perfect life. Carol's kind craves companionship, and she's been burrowing solo for way too long. Fossas— Madagascar's top predator—like Ray are rather solitary creatures, and he's quite happy with his way of life. Unfortunately, his father has gone missing, and now Prince Rayan has to speak for their territory at the Shifter Hellenic Island Talks. What's worse, being in the limelight has made him a target, too, and he's assigned a combat-boot-wearing pint-sized pocket pet as his protector!

When the fantastically fragrant ferret moves in and takes over the fossa's space, will he remain a creature of habit and push her away like he's done with all rest? Or will these two unlikely allies bond while discovering the truth about Rayan's father?

Official published review:

Moving on in

This book is a quirky, fast-paced read that fits perfectly with the rest of the collection. I love how Carol can’t quite find her place in this world and Rayan is the one who grounds her. The ladies keep the story interesting with their attempts at matchmaking and the bad guy keeps it moving with his new try at an old trick. This book was the perfect weekend read, and I can’t wait to see what happens next at the academy.

5 stars


Award-winning and best-selling national and international author Amanda Kimberley has written in various genres in the course of almost four decades.

Her nonfiction blog, which focuses on the chronic disease fibromyalgia, has garnered recognition from various organizations, including Health Magazine. Naming her blog, Fibro and Fabulous, as a top blog for fibro sufferers.

Amanda has also written for medical magazines and sites like FM Aware, The National Fibromyalgia Association's magazine and ProHealth.

When Kimberley is not writing nonfiction, she enjoys penning romance. Her fiction works were featured for part of 2015 and all of 2016 on the BookCountry website, a division of Penguin/Random House. She has also been featured as a USA Today Happy Ever After Hot List Indie Author and a Best Poet of the 90's for an anthology.

Amanda Kimberley is a Connecticut native that now lives in the warmth of Northern Texas with her husky and cocker spaniel dogs, her tuxedo cat, two hamsters, a tank of fish, two daughters, and a husband.

When she is not writing you can find her cooking whole foods for her pack. She also enjoys hiking and gaming.

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