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Kindles in the Wild – The Alpha Awakens – Anna Fury – July 27, 2021

After such a busy weekend Mollee and I slowed it down a little for today’s adventure. We went to spend a few hours out on the water to just soak up the sun and enjoy the calm. This is not a new location to us, as we have been canoeing here for a school field trip, but it is our first time kayaking and paddleboarding at this location. I have to say that I don’t remember all of the sea grass in the water the last time we visited, it’s like we just can’t escape the dead lights.

It was a little bit harder work out then we typically have, but it was still nice and relaxing none the less. I recommend it if you are just looking for a couple of hours to get up close to the wildlife and relax in nature. The area is big enough to get lost in and yet small enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Just watch out for the boats leaving the docks.

The book that joined us on the water today is from an author who is fast becoming one of my favorites. I love her characters and how she embraced the omegaverse in a dystopian environment. I enjoyed that there was more to the alphas then originally thought or from released with the government propaganda. And I absolutely love that there are those who ignore the hype and remember that we should treat others the way we want to be treated. This book is a must read for all of those who enjoy the alpha/omega relationship!

Happy Reading


Eastern Watersports

Dundee Creek Marina

7400 Graces Quarters

Middle River, MD 21220​

The Alpha Awakens: A Dystopian Omegaverse Romance (Alpha Compound Series Book 1)

Published to Amazon on July 13, 2021

Author Anna Fury


When the Awaken Virus hit humanity, men became ravenous, uncontrollable beasts. They wrought destruction across the globe—now the humans who remain live in constant fear.


As a reporter, I’ve seen firsthand what the Awaken virus does to people you love, turning them into mindless beasts intent on violence. That’s why I’m staying safe inside my apartment. Women are getting kidnapped right off the streets in broad daylight. Rumors say there’s a group of Awakened living under New York, and they’re responsible for the disappearances. The old me would have sniffed out that story, but post-apocalypse Mal is too scared to go digging for clues.

Life apparently has other plans for me, however—cue an Awakened showing up at my damn door. He’s huge, imposing, with piercing gray eyes like a thunderstorm, and a mouth he insists he *needs* to put on me. He also claims they aren’t all the destructive beasts I’ve seen on the news. I’m not sure what to believe.

When the captivating “enforcer” asks me to live in his compound for two weeks and report to the rest of the world how normal the men really are, I surprise us both by accepting his strange invitation. I shouldn’t have said yes, so why did I agree?

My presence digs up something dark and primal in him though, and I’m terrified to find out if I’m his salvation, or complete downfall.

The Alpha Awakens is the first book in the Alpha Compound series, by Anna Fury. This dystopian omegaverse romance features a snarky heroine and broken alpha finding their own HEA.

Official published review:

Calling to her alpha

Can you give a book a 10 star review, if so this one more than deserves it! What an amazing first book from a first time author! The storyline is phenomenal. I love how she mixed PNR with a dystopian omegaverse world. She didn’t hide the pain and distress that both sides felt after the virus released, in fact she embraced it creating a believable world that I immediately found myself wrapped up in. And the characters! Oh my! Alphas that are so above my expectations and each one different in their own unique way, so good! And omegas that may be scared, but they still manage to push on. I can see great things happening in the future for the characters and this series. I can’t wait! I only hope that we eventually get a chance to read Malice’s story, even if it’s only a novella, it’s sure to be emotional and a fantastic addition to the series.

5 stars


Anna Fury is a North Carolina native, fluent in snark and sarcasm, tiki decor, and an aficionado of phallic plants. Visit her on Instagram for a glimpse into the sexiest wiener wallpaper you’ve ever seen. #ifyouknowyouknow

She writes any time she has a free minute - walking the dog, in the shower, ON THE TOILET. The voices in her head wait for no one. When she’s not furiously hen-pecking at her computer, she loves to hike and bike and get out in nature.

She currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her Mr. Right, a three year old tornado and two lovely old dogs. Anna LOVES to connect with readers, so visit her on social or email her at

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