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Kindles in the Wild – Since I saw You – Beth Kery – June 11, 2021

We are finally to the last day of our Florida trip and man is it jammed packed full of steamy weather and steamy reads. This first excursion of the day is one that we happened on because we saw a road sign on our way to Miami and decided to see what it was about when we got back to the house. I really wish that we had found it early in the stay because it is a place that is worth a full day trip.

We went to go on a safari in the hopes of seeing some lions, but we found an entire world to escape in. The safari was amazing! We were able to see so many fantastic animals up close and personal, from the safety of our car that is. Windows up and doors shut at all times, but it was so worth the drive. We meandered through the different areas of the park seeing the lionesses chilling in the shade, the old male rhino mastering his domain, and we even had to take a brief break to allow the animals to cross the road, but not without a brief scuffle first. Did you know giraffes are just as tall as they look, you might want to keep the car a bit away from them when they cross the road, so they don’t knock it with their knees.

We had such an amazing time and imagine our surprise when we got to the end. Not only did we find a huge restaurant and gift shop, but we found another zoo and so many family activities that I wish we would have had more time to explore. But promises were made, and we had more miles to put on the car before our day came to an end.

The book I took on this venture is one that I had long been searching for. When I first started ereading books I used the free app from my local library, but then I switched over to the Kindle app and (idiot that I am) I deleted the free app, and all of the lists of books that I had already read. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO many fantastic books that I searched for high and low and thought I would never find again! But fate was smiling on me, and I was able to remember their names and authors, and this is one of those books. Years later, so that right there tells you how amazing this book is.

I could remember all of the details of the story, the characters and the HEA, but I just couldn’t remember the name or the author. Can you have memory issues at the age of 43? Maybe I just have to much stuff crammed into my brain. Oh well, that is a worry for another day. Trust me when I tell you that you are going to want to devote an entire day to this location and to this book. Both will blow you away with the hidden gems buried inside.

Happy Reading


Lion Country Safari

2003 Lion Country Safari Road

Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Since I Saw You (Because You Are Mine Series Book 4)

Published to Amazon on May 6, 2014

Author Beth Kery

In the “exceptionally hot” (USA Today) Because You Are Mine, Beth Kery redefined what’s possible, what’s desirable, and what’s forbidden between a man and a woman. It’s time to go further... When enigmatic billionaire Ian Noble sets Lin the task of “taming” his brilliant yet half-savage brother Kam Reardon, she eagerly accepts. She’s more than curious about the solitary genius and everything she’s heard about him. During their electric first meeting, her fascination increases a hundredfold. Kam practically oozes raw sex appeal. Lin is interested...very interested. But does her intense attraction and willingness to go places with him she’s never gone before in the bedroom really have to do with Kam? Or is her carefully hidden desire to blame for wanting a man she knows she can never have? An elusive outsider, Kam avoids intimacy, yet never shies away from satisfying his erotic appetites. But there’s something different about Lin—a reserve he’s anxious to break. She’s a woman he’s eager to take his time with…and possess completely. A sophisticated beauty like her would never want him anywhere but in bed, but he finds himself unable to resist her. Immediately Lin’s smooth facade is undone by Kam’s overwhelming masculinity and by his irresistible erotic demands—a lesson in subjugation that leaves Lin confused, reeling, and open to things she never thought possible. Now, as the unpredictable nights between them grow darker, Lin and Kam are certain of only one thing: they’re made for each other.

Official published review:

Building a future

This is one of my absolute favorite books! For a while I lost track of it, I couldn’t remember the title or the author, but I remembered every moment of the story. The entire series is a wonder to read, but this book has captivated me from my very first experience with it. I love the characters! They are so different and yet much more similar than they think. I love the emotions the author was able to capture and how the story really tied the entire series together. This book is the perfect example of two lost souls being drawn together into a HEA that brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to read more by this author, but I know this won’t be the last time this book graces my ereader.

5 stars


Beth Kery loves romance, and the more emotionally laden, smart and sexy the romance, the better. She has always been fascinated by human beings, their motivations and emotions, so she earned an advanced degree in the behavioral sciences. Her hope is that her stories linger in the reader's mind long after the last page is finished.

Author’s Website:

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