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Kindles in the Wild – North Carolina – June 13, 2021

This one is a little further back and nothing to do with books and everything to do with family. On our way back from Florida we stopped to visit with my brother and his wife, and finally check out their digs. Yep! I am that sister, the one who has driven past their exit on my way to other places and never even thought about stopping in to say hi. Geesh!

Okay, some of that time they were not actually living in the house, but still! Talk about having an epiphany when you suddenly realize that where they live is right on your route and not too far from where you were going to stop anyway. Well enough of extolling what a terrible and thoughtless person I am. We have since rectified the situation and spent some quality time with them at their own little den.

Hence the lack of book with this post. It was a whirlwind visit, which meant a late night up talking and hanging out with an early morning of more of the same and then a long drive back to the land from which we came. But it was sooo worth it! Don’t forget during this holiday season that it is important to connect with family no matter how far flung they may be.

Happy Reading


North Carolina, USA

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