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Kindles in the Wild – His Refused Mate – Jade Marshall – July 25, 2021

Well, another day, another journey, and for this one we had an extra passenger as Mollee’s friend Emma was able to join us. Once again, we found ourselves at another zoo. This one is not too far from our house and as small as it is it is packed full of animal exhibits. They had everything from chicken to tigers and most of them were out and moving around during our stay.

Of course, lazy as they are the tigers were napping, so we only got to see their backs as they snoozed near the gate. The girls all fed the giraffe and then they went mining for gems at the end of the zoo. This little zoo is a perfect place to visit, they have a small eatery, and a nice gift shop, not to mention all of the animals. It is a little bit off of the beaten path, but well worth the effort to get there.

But I wouldn’t recommend parking under the trees. In the middle of summer, I couldn’t resist prime parking under the shady tree and thought everything was great. Until we were driving down the road and discovered two ticks roaming free in the car. Talk about a scary experience, especially when one of the passengers doesn’t kill the little sucker. Oh no, she had to toss it around the car and then we had to hope we saw it again before it latched on to one of use for a feast. Needless to say, we made the first stop we could for tick repellent and then sprayed the car down in the hopes that they would all abandon ship overnight.

On the plus side though, I did get a chance to get some reading in on this fantastic book! I love the refused mate troop and the sweet second chances that come with it. The author put a lot of detail into her characters, and I was drawn into the story before I knew what happened. This is one of those boos that you are going to want to make sure you have some time to devote to it because you are not going to want to put it down.

If you are a lover of zoos, you are not going to want to miss bringing the family out to this little beauty. There were no crowds when we went, but there is room to walk around and just experience the world around you in peace and quiet, okay it is really in animal noises, but I didn’t think that flowed as well. Plus, it’s a zoo so I would think animal noises are to be expected.

Happy Reading


Plumpton Park Zoo

1416 Telegraph Road Telegraph Road

Rising Sun MD 21011

His Refused Mate (Katu Wolves Book 1)

Published to Amazon on May 6, 2021

Author Jade Marshall

Wolf shifters are fated with one mate. Losing your mate or refusing it causes immense pain and, in some cases, death. But what if fate gives you a second chance? Payton has been on her own for longer than she can remember, even when she was still part of a pack. Being refused by her fated mate has her fleeing, starting a life of solitude away from any other shifters Caine is the Alpha to his pack and although he loves his pack dearly, he longs for his true mate. When he catches her scent he will do everything to make her his. But can he convince her to take a chance?

Official published review:

The seat of power

This book is a quick read, but the author packed it full of emotion. I love the high intensity twist and turns and the way that things are not as simple as they seem throughout the book. The characters are fantastic and drew me in from the start, and she left us with the perfect lead in to book two. This book is a wonderful series starter and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

5 stars


Born and raised in South Africa, I now live in the Northern Cape in a small mining community by the name of Kathu. At 35 years old I have been with my husband for 15 years, although we have only been married for 8. Together we have a beautiful 15-year-old daughter.

For years I wanted to follow my passion for writing but always doubted myself. After finding my publisher and releasing my first novel I was able to build up my confidence and move forward with my fledgling career.

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