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Kindles in the Wild – Hard to Bear – Georgette St. Clair – March 7, 2022

Well day 2 of Spring Break and we went from hot and sunny to cold and rainy. But that didn’t stop us from making a side trip to Pittsburgh for a trek outdoors and a new venue we had never seen before.

One good thing about the rain is we had the museum to ourselves. I guess there are not that many crazy, umm I meant brave, people in the world. Its not very big, but it is 2 stories full of history and some amazing dioramas and wax figures.

It’s actually the perfect place to spend a rainy day if you are in the area. It’s a little bit of a walk from the public parking lot to the museum, so be warned. Thank goodness we always keep umbrellas in the Rogue.

But we didn’t spend all of our time indoors. Nope, we took our crazy for a stroll out on the grounds. The best thing about the outside of the park is the walking paths with fantastic views and plenty of benches to take up residence and enjoy them.

We didn’t walk the entire way due to flood damage at the lower end and the rain. We try to keep our crazy a little under control. But we ventured far enough to see the stadium and across the water.

The best thing about the benches and the views are that it is the perfect setting for reading a book. In this case, I had the perfect book. I’ve actually been on a kick lately with this author and have been re-reading all of her books. I absolutely love this story! The characters had a rocky start, but by the end they had the perfect HEA.

If you ever find yourself in the Pittsburgh, I think this is the perfect stopping point. Although I would recommend a sunny day so you can get the full effect of nature in all it’s glory. And it goes without saying that this book would be a fantastic addition to your “To Read” file.

Happy Reading


Point State Park

The park’s parking lot is located along Commonwealth Place (across from the Post Gazette building)

Hard to Bear (Blue Moon Junction Book 3)

Published to Amazon on February 10, 2014

Author Georgette St. Clair

Humans and shifters alike are vanishing from Blue Moon Junction without a trace, and Coral Colby, curvy wolf shifter and small town reporter, is on the case. Unfortunately, there are numerous distractions along the way – like the sexy, arrogant bear shifter who’s been rudely refusing Coral’s interview requests, and the complicated love lives of, oh, everyone in town. But soon she’ll have bigger things to worry about, like who’s really buying up all the swampland around Blue Moon Junction, and why the bear shifter suddenly can’t get enough of her. The deeper she digs, the closer she comes to a terrifying truth – and to losing the love of a bear who may just be her fated mate.

Official published review:

Once in a blue moon

I absolutely love this newest addition to the Blue Moon Junction series! We got to see some of my favorite characters and meet new ones that brought even more personality to this sleepy little town. The author kept the story hoping with a hidden agenda, friendship, betrayal and an amazing HEA. This book is a wonderful way to pass the weekend ! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

5 stars


Georgette St. Clair writes hot, sexy romances starring Alpha heroes. The road to love may be rocky and fraught with peril (and humor and scorchtastic sex and healthy heapings of snark), but her shifters will stop at nothing to claim the women they love.

Georgette has worn many hats in life: newspaper reporter, EMT, internet marketer, cocktail waitress, temp, nurse's aide (not in chronological order).

When she's not rescuing fur-babies, she spends her days in a fantasy universe where she nudges her smart-mouthed, take-no-gruff heroines onto paths which will set them on a collision course with true love.

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