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Kindles in the Wild – Hard as Steele – Georgette St. Clair – March 21, 2022

This one is a quick dining experience with my co-worker and Summer. She is one of my favorite people and we enjoy getting out once a month to enjoy the different food options around town. I’m sad to say this will be our last one as she is going PRN, but hopefully it won’t be the last time we see her.

This little trip found us at Mother’s Grill just in time for their St Patty’s Day specials. Yummy! Reubens all the way for me! Hey I’m part Irish! Don’t judge me! I mean I don’t really need an excuse to have corned beef in any form anyway.

And I just happened to have the perfect book at hand, by my current author obsession. Like all her stories, this book is engaging, and the strong male and female characters kept me entertained until the very end.

If you wind up in my area, be sure to head on over for some burgers and fries. But you don’t have to wait until you head my way before you pick up this fantastic book. It’s the perfect story to get started on any day.

Happy Reading


Mother’s Grille

2450 Broad Ave

Timonium, MD 21093

Hard as Steele (Timber Valley Pack Book 3)

Published to Amazon on August 23, 2014

Author Georgette St. Clair

Roxanne has suffered a concussion after a severe bump to the head, but that's okay - she's having the best hallucination ever. It involves being rescued by an incredibly handsome man who can turn into a wolf and lusts after her like no man ever has before. No, really - in her home town, plain, chubby Roxanne was lusted after by no-one. Her handsome shifter hallucination is so hot, she finds herself wishing she'd never recover. Steele Battle, wolf shifter, Sheriff of Timber Valley, has met the love of his life - and he must leave her behind, with her memory erased, because she's human and can never know about the existence of his people. A year later, he's still mourning the loss of the woman who captured his heart - when she strolls in to the bar in his remote, out of the way town, which is not on any human map. How did she find him, and what does she want? To keep her safe, Steel has no choice but to hold her captive until the town's shaman returns to erase her memory for good - but will Steele be able to part with the love of his life a second time?

Official published review:

Clear away the haze

I love that Steele’s torment is finally over. Of course that kind of comes at Roxanne’s expense, but the HEA is phenomenal. There are secrets revealed, and bad guys taken down, and an entirely new way of thinking introduced. The author did a fantastic job with this story and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

5 stars


Georgette St. Clair writes hot, sexy romances starring Alpha heroes. The road to love may be rocky and fraught with peril (and humor and scorchtastic sex and healthy heapings of snark), but her shifters will stop at nothing to claim the women they love.

Georgette has worn many hats in life: newspaper reporter, EMT, internet marketer, cocktail waitress, temp, nurse's aide (not in chronological order).

When she's not rescuing fur-babies, she spends her days in a fantasy universe where she nudges her smart-mouthed, take-no-gruff heroines onto paths which will set them on a collision course with true love.

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