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Kindles in the Wild – Fever – Lola Taylor – July 3, 2021

We are going to throw it back to July 4th with this little journey. After a really rough week, the girls and I wanted nothing more then to laugh and spend time in each other’s company. What better way to do that then head on out to the local 4th of July parade? Summer was actually in the parade, walking with Bethel 36, and the shrine was there with their little bikes and trucks and wild antics.

It was a day of fun and exercise since we had to walk from the university to the actual parade route. Along our path we helped a patriotic clown find his way. The parade started with a fly over, and then Mollee and I switched sides for a better view. Well and to avoid the creepy crawlies that were tying to mob us under the trees. I think between the sap, and was that a black leg tick, we were both much happier in the middle of the street.

Towson always puts on such a fantastic parade, they have so many apparatus from the fire museum, I really need to add that to my to do list, tiny cheerleaders who steal the show, bicyclist and bikers galore and the kilts just keep coming. Please bring on the kilts! By the time Summer went by with her Job’s Daughters group, Mollee and I were having a grand old time and one of the moms caught us unawares.

The parade was a slow start, and there were several pauses in the show as the walkers trudged up the hill, so I found the perfect book to help me pass the time. This was actually my first time reading this author and I think I am a complete convert and loyal fan now. Too bad it looks like she hasn’t put out anything new since 2017. ☹ But I still have 10 more books before I reach the end of her library. It will be absolutely fantastic while it lasts, at least if the rest of her writing is as good as this book is.

I know it has been a while since the 4th of July, but I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend with your family. I think the best thing about parades is that they always make us feel young again. Especially when paired with a fantastic book.

Happy Reading


Towson, MD

Fever: A Blood Moon Rising Werewolf Romance

Published to Amazon on February 25, 2014

Author Lola Taylor

When the Blood Moon rises, the wolves come out to play… and find their mates. Danica has about given up on love. In a last-ditch attempt at finding “the one,” she agrees to a blind date through an online dating service. But instead of finding roses and romance, she finds someone intent on killing her. That is, until the mysterious, brooding Gage shows up to save her…. Gage is running out of time to find a mate. If the Blood Moon sets before he can find her, he’ll lose the rank of packmaster—and the peace within the pack he’s worked so hard to obtain. When he saves a luscious blonde in the parking lot of a bar, he has no idea she is his mate—until he Marks her with his touch. Determined to keep her safe at any cost, Gage whisks Danica away into a hidden world full of lust, unlikely love, and treachery. Someone’s put a hit on his mate, and he’s hell-bent on finding out who, all while the Blood Moon looms closer, threatening to destroy his chances at true love forever. That is, if something—or someone—doesn’t kill the woman he’s falling for first.

Official published review:

You can be anything online

The author took one of my biggest fears and turned it into the most amazing opening scene to a book! The online dating fiasco couldn’t have been a better introduction to the main characters and set the entire tone of the story. I love the characters! Their connection was immediate, and the fact she thought someone slipped her a roofie just added humor to such an intense moment. The author kept the intensity throughout with danger, betrayal, intrigue, and was that a touch of zombies? The HEA is a hard fought battle, but even sweeter because of them. And that’s just book one! I can’t wait to read what happens in book two, I just know it’s going to be fantastic!

5 stars


“Lola Taylor” is a pen name created for the romances I can’t show my grandma without blushing. My favorite genre to write is romantic suspense, usually involving hot werewolves, warlocks, or any other type of paranormal creature. Keep the action hot and the romance hotter—that’s my motto! I’m a horror film junkie, I still love Halloween as an adult (seriously, I think I get more excited for it than some kids do), and what precious spare time I have is spent with my family, reading (everything from sci fi to middle grade), playing the flute, painting pretty pictures, or screwing around on Pinterest or Etsy. Hailing from the South, I currently live in the Midwest with five fur babies and my hubby.

Author’s Website:

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