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Kindles in the Wild – Bitten by Magic – Vivienne Savage – May 22, 2022 - Ladew Gardens

Oh my! This has to be one of my favorite walks down memory lane. I had not been since my girls were in elementary school, but it was much fun seeing the similarities and differences since my last visit. This location is a favorite field trip spot for area schools, so I was able to compare old pictures and new pictures of the girls at the same place. It’s really a place that you need to visit every season to enjoy all nature has to offer.

This trip was even better because we were able to take a tour through the old house on the property. It is set up like a museum with this fantastic library and our guide did a wonderful job bringing the past to life for us. She even took us up to see some of the closed rooms because there were only three of us in the group.

If you go check out the gardens, you really need to be prepared to stay all day. There are sitting nooks, benches, and broad expanses of grassy green lawns to have a picnic lunch or enjoy a good book.

Speaking of good books, I think I picked a fantastic one to enjoy on this venture. The author started with a beach bum vibe and ended up giving Javier the kick in the pants he needed to make something of his life. The story was a fantastic second chance read that really drew me in. I loved the characters, they were easy to connect with and I really wanted to see more about them, and the storyline was motivating all on its own. No matter where you choose to read, I highly recommend bringing this book along for the ride.

Happy Reading!


Ladew Gardens

3535 Jarrettsville Pike

Monkton, Maryland 21111

Bitten by Magic (Agents of SAINT Book 1)

Published to Amazon on August 17, 2018

Author Vivienne Savage

When Yasmin vacations to the islands for a paranormal mixer, she hopes for daiquiris and muscled surfer dudes. What she doesn't anticipate is for her oldest childhood friend to be one of them, grown from an awkward and gangly teen to an adult dragon hottie. Javier lacks ambition, and his wealthy dragon shifter father reminds him every day. No job on the resort interests him, until he meets a girl from his past with her entire future planned. Then an incident on the island thrusts him headfirst into his calling. They're polar opposites, but Javier knows Yasmin belongs by his side. He'll just have to convince her that he deserves a chance.

Official public review:

He would move mountains

Well at least his body to be with his one and only. This dragon born went from lost and lonely beach bum to academic over achiever overnight. But the author clearly illustrated that once you hear your calling it’s impossible to ignore it. I love seeing these characters together! They fit perfectly together and complement each other. Well, if they could just learn how to communicate that is. One misunderstanding almost cost them their perfect HEA. Thank goodness they have family and good friends ensuring that they make the connection. This book was an absolutely wonderful story and I can only hope the author eventually gets around to writing book two. This couple found their way to each other, but the author left so many opportunities for more things to come, and I need to know what happens next.

5 stars


Vivienne Savage is the pen name of two best friends who write everything together. One works as a nurse in a rural healthcare home in Texas, and the other is a U.S. Navy veteran. Both are mothers to two darling boys and two amazing girls. When they aren't raising children, writing fantasy, or concocting ways for shapeshifters and humans to find their match, they play online RPG games to pass the time.

All works by Vivienne range from urban fantasy and sweet adult romance to spicy shifter fiction with an erotic kick. Visit her site to determine which series is best for you!

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