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Kindles in the Wild – Alien Tongues – Chloe Parker – May 31, 2021

This Kindles in the Wild is a two-part experience that we enjoyed with some new friends. Not just the geese who decided that if one person was giving out food, we all must be. We started the morning out on the water at our normal kayaking place, but you know lunch had to happen and we ended up with a change of venue. Plus, some of our party are still fairly new to the world and not ready for a grand adventure on the water.

How fantastic that the actual holiday was nice and sunny! The water was a little choppy from all of the rain over the past week, but it was still just a very relaxed stroke to get where we wanted to be. I finally made it out to the bridge, thanks Karen!, but I still didn’t get the picture I have been aiming for as the kayak would just not sit still. Not to worry though, my IPad and what might be my new favorite book both stayed dry.

Let me tell you a little about the book that came along for the ride. This book was a total Instagram find, I was intrigued by the title and then when I read the blurb, I figured what the heck and added it to my Kindle app. Usually that is where most good books go to die, for at least a few weeks anyway, but not this one. I just couldn’t get the title out of my head, so it skipped ahead in my lineup and I was not disappointed!

This is a new author and trust me when I say that you are going to enjoy this series starter. I have since gotten to read her next book and it is just as enjoyable as the first, I am anxiously awaiting the next installment no matter what that might be. But no pressure. 😊

The Memorial Day Holiday is a day when we remember those who have given their all to make sure we can still enjoy our day in the sun. I truly hope that you took a moment to reflect on their sacrifice no matter where this holiday took you.

Happy Reading


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12101 Dulaney Valley Road

Phoenix, MD 21131

Alien Tongues: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Cosmic Bonds Book 1)

Published to Amazon on April 27, 2021

Author Chloe Parker

Dr. Natalie Lewis may be an expert in alien languages, but there’s more to fluency than simple vocabulary. When Natalie arrives on the alien planet of Logos to study an ancient artifact, she expects to be welcomed by her Lyran hosts with open arms. But not all Lyrans like humans, and a violent faction of the alien race thinks of human culture more like an infection to be eradicated at any cost. And Natalie learns the hard way that some Lyrans don't want her meddling in their ancient history. Guardsman Kiran Va’shan is assigned to watch over Natalie as she conducts her research. From the moment they meet, he feels a sense of protectiveness toward her - an urge to be with her no matter the cost. Lyran legend speaks of a “cosmic bond” between two people that ties their fates together, but the archaic notion of fated mates flies in the face of Lyran culture, which emphasizes logic over love. A relationship with Natalie is forbidden, but Kiran can’t help but fall further into her orbit. Beyond all reason, Natalie and Kiran begin to explore their attraction, even as Lyran politics threaten to tear them apart. Physical relations between humans and Lyrans are strictly forbidden, but the two find it hard to resist fate. As they’re drawn into a complex web of cultural relations and political turmoil, the starcrossed lovers fight for an impossible affair that is, somehow, destined to be.

Official published review:

Now you’re speaking my language

This book is absolutely amazing! I was drawn in by the title but I stayed for the story. The author brought a fresh new insight into the alien experience and made it so much more realistic than the typical encounter. (Come on, you know there is a real golden record out there somewhere!) I love the characters! The aliens are so prim and proper and I loved getting to see them loosen up. And earthlings are earthlings, they never reveal all of their secrets, keeping the story interesting. The author really jacked up the intensity the further along in the book I got. I love how these two had to overcome so much and the ending is the beginning of their HEA. This book is a must read and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

5 Stars


I'm a sci-fi enthusiast, dog mom, and graduate student living in the U.S. My books tell believable love stories in unbelievable worlds, taking my readers on interstellar journeys to unknown planets.

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