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HOT alien warrior FREE with KindleUnlimited!

Are you ready for the heat?

Ignite by Tana Stone is now live!

Aliens are real, they happen to be gorgeous, and there’s no way I’d ever agree to be a tribute bride for them.

Now that everyone on Earth knows about the Drexians—and their need for human mates—women have been falling all over themselves to volunteer. But not me.

Oh, I’m eager to go to the holographic space station where human brides are taken for their fantasy weddings and honeymoons. But I’m there to work, not fall in love. If the captain of the ship will let me do my job.

The last thing I need is some cocky alien who questions my abilities. Even if he is a hot Drexian warrior who looks at me like I’m a snack.

Kalex may be acting captain of the new Love Boat being built on the outskirts of the galaxy, but that doesn’t mean he calls the shots. At least not when it comes to the design of the space station. That’s my job. A job he makes more difficult at every turn.

When things start to go wrong on the station, Kalex and I are forced to work together to save the station. But as tempers fly and sparks ignite, can we save the Boat and ourselves from the deadly Kronock sabotage?

This standalone sci-fi romance novel features steamy scenes on an alien space station, a smoking-hot Inferno Force captain who does not like to be disobeyed, and a guaranteed HEA. If you like feisty heroines, aliens with extra erogenous zones, and lots of adventure, you’ll love IGNITE, the first book in Tana Stone’s sci-fi romance Inferno Force of the Drexian Warriors series.

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