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Character Spotlight – Wolf’s Surrender – Mandy M. Roth

Wolf's Surrender: Paranormal Security and Intelligence Ops Shadow Agents: Part of the Immortal Ops World (Shadow Agents/PSI-Ops Book 1)

Published to Amazon on June 16, 2016

Author Mandy M. Roth

Total surrender doesn't come easy to a natural-born alpha. Wolf-shifter Special Operative Brad Durant has been held against his will by the enemy for nearly a year. He’s given up hope and is fast giving up his will to survive, that is until a hot-tempered, redhead succubus is placed in the cell next to his. She calls to his wolf on a primitive level and he won’t let anyone or anything harm her. Giving his body to the little minx is easy, but guarding his heart is much harder.

Official published review:

The big bad Wolf

Absolutely love this book! I love all of the intrigue and the new characters, and how can you not love Bill and Gus! Not to mention Striker and the gang! The author did a fantastic job of piquing my interest and keeping me reading until the very last page. I enjoyed how this story ran parallel to Mae and Corbin’s story, and the author kept the intensity high with the bad guys and the battle between good and evil. This is another amazing addition to the Immortal Ops world, and it set us up perfectly for more to come. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

5 stars


NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Mandy M. Roth loves 80s music and movies and wishes leg warmers would come back into fashion. She also thinks the movie The Breakfast Club should be mandatory viewing for…okay, everyone. When she’s not dancing around her office to the sounds of the 80s, she’s busy writing paranormal operatives and kick butt urban fantasy heroines. Mandy lives in Oxford, Mississippi with her husband and three boys. She has sold well over 1 million books. Mandy has published with Harlequin, Random House/ Virgin Books, and has had a wildly successful indie career in addition to publishing with more than one small press. She is a member of The Author's Guild. Author’s Website: Author’s Facebook: Author’s Instagram: Author’s Amazon: Author’s Goodreads: Author’s BookBub:

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