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Character Spotlight – Christmas with the Dragon Officer – Lacey Doddrow

Christmas with the Dragon Officer: A Jewel Dragons of San Gregorio Bay holiday novella

Published to Amazon on November 25, 2022

Author Lacey Doddrow

Things go from hot cocoa to hot pursuit when a museum curator working on a Christmas exhibit releases a dangerous dragon spirit. After devoting decades of her life to museum conservation work, Cosette Malcolm doesn’t have anyone to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas. Instead, she’s at work, putting the finishing touches on the Winter Wonderland Exhibition. Rowan Calcedon has spent the last forty years training and supervising new cadets in The Silver Scale, a military operation made up of dragon shifters who protect San Gregorio Bay. But on Christmas Eve, his general sends him out to collect the Winter Chalice, an artifact that houses a dangerous shifter spirit. When Rowan discovers that the human woman in possession of the Winter Chalice is his mate, his mission changes. Now, he must protect her from the evil spirit awoken from within the chalice and pull off a holiday romance sweet enough to make Cosette his by New Year’s. Christmas With The Dragon Officer is a standalone Christmas novella set in the world of San Gregorio Bay, where badass dragon shifters and mature heroines meet their mates in romantic adventures.

Official published review:

Always wanting more

This author came into the writing world with a bang! This book has such an interesting take on dragon shifters, and I love how she was able to incorporate her own twist with dragon lore. The characters are fantastic and so easy to connect with, although the story was short the characters were fully developed, and I found myself invested in the outcome of their quest. I enjoyed the gentle beginning of their relationship and the touch of a nuisance spirit that added adventure to the journey. This book was just right for the holiday season, and I can’t wait to see what the author thinks up next.

5 stars

A (still waiting for it to post) GR

I'm passionate about magical worlds, mature heroines, thrilling romantic adventures, and heroes without a mean bone in their body.

Author’s Website:

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