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Character Spotlight – Merry Me – Aidy Award

Merry Me: A Dragon Shifter and Curvy Girl Romance (Dragons Love Curves Book 11)

Published to Amazon on December 1, 2022

Author Aidy Award

Dragons don't get married - they mark, claim, and mate. They don't celebrate Christmas either ... So whose Holiday Wedding are all the Dragon Warriors invited to?

Genny: I am out here in the middle of Antarctica digging in the ice when I should be basking in the sun of on a tropical volcanic island. All because my horrible Ph.D advisor constantly harasses and bullies me. But I'll show him and all the dude bros in my department that don't want to see a woman in STEM. I've found the discovery of the century, maybe the millennium. Now I just have to figure out how to get this glowing purple crystal out of the ice. Might be easier if it wasn't attached to... a thousand year-old man? Porfirio: One moment I'm battling demon wyrms on the ice continent and the next I'm being awakened by my fated mate. But there is something very strange about the world she brings me back to. Magical sleighs that roar and go by themselves, small people trapped in noisy light boxes, and everyone's bright clothes. Then there's my soul shard - it glows purple. But there is no such thing as a purple dragon. Escape into the series finale of Dragons Love Curves, where all the Dragon Warriors and their mates we've come to know and love must come together to solve the biggest mystery of all time.

Official published review:

Only time will tell

This author might have been resistant to a purple dragon, but she did an amazing job writing about him. I enjoyed getting to watch this new wyvern form and relationship grow. The joy of the holiday season was in full swing, and the forces of evil were denied a foothold as these two characters got a handle on their new element. This book was well written, and the characters were as amazing as ever. I can’t wait to see what happens next with the purple dragons.

5 stars

A (still waiting for review to post) GR BB

Aidy Award is a curvy girl who kind of has a thing for stormtroopers. She’s also the author of the popular Dragons Love Curves series. She writes curvy girl erotic romance, about real love, and dirty fun, with happy ever afters because every woman deserves great sex and even better romance, no matter her size, shape, or what the scale says. Read the delicious tales of hot heroes and curvy heroines come to life under the covers and between the pages of Aidy’s books. Then let her know because she really does want to hear from her readers. Want to get notifications when Aidy's new releases hit the shelves? Sign up for the CURVY CONNECTION - You'll get a welcome gift CURVY LOVE ebook and other fun gifts, like your very own CURVY LOVE ADULT COLORING BOOK, plus, new release info, contest and giveaways, and exclusive content, and previews of the new books especially for fans. Author’s Website: Author’s Facebook: Author’s Instagram: Author’s Amazon: Author’s Goodreads: Author’s BookBub:

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