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Character Spotlight – An Unexpected Christmas – Christin Lovell

An Unexpected Christmas

Published to Amazon on November 21, 2020

Author Christin Lovell

ELLA You know when you reach the end of your rope, and you snap, and you make an impulsive decision that changes your entire life? That’s where I’m at. I’m standing in the aftermath of that single, drunken, Hallmark-inspired decision, and it’s nothing like I imagined. It’s better in some ways and worse in others, and it all has me feeling like an extra curvy mess – and not the hot kind either. I have no money, no job, and no one to call… …until Noah Shenan walks into my life. NOAH I’ve been the single playboy for years, because as the Alpha, shifter females wanted status and human females wanted a trophy plus my credit card, but my wolf never allowed it. He’s hated every female I entertained, except Ella Parks. But my mate is the one female who isn’t impressed by my looks, my title, or my money. In fact, she’s a serious flight risk, which scares the hell out of me and my wolf. I’m having to pursue her, which is something I’ve never done. But damn if there’s not a thrill to this chase. It’s the holiday season, a time for joy, family, and miracles. It’s the season of possibilities, and damn am I hoping for the impossible, the unexpected, and all the other mushy crap I never put stock in. Because she’s different, in all the right ways, and if I can just open her eyes to the truth of that, then maybe both of our dreams can come true this Christmas.

Official published review:

The courage to change

This book was an unexpected delight! The characters were sweet and sappy, unsure and brave, and obsessed with Hallmark Christmases. With each new thing they learned about the other we got to see them emerge from hibernation into the world of the living. I enjoyed the instant connection and the caring support they found in their friends and family. Okay mostly his family, but it’s not like you can pick your own family. This book was a fantastic sappy Christmas and I look forward to reading more books from this author.

5 stars


USA Today bestselling author Christin Lovell was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, and currently resides in Orlando, Florida, with her three children, two dogs, and one overworked coffee maker. A hybrid author specializing in romance for the old and the young, she has written over forty titles to date, with many more in store. Body positive and confidence promoting, she empowers readers with her words, using her platform to have a progressive impact on those willing to read it. Not afraid to defy societal standards, she believes that every person is a character, every character has a story to share, and every story, no matter how gritty, deserves a good ending.

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