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Throwback Thursday – Big Bad Vamp – Celia Kyle

Big Bad Vamp (BBW Paranormal Vampire Romance) (Knight Protectors Book 2)

Published to Amazon on November 30, 2013

Author Celia Kyle

Tory has more bug-out bags and escape plans to get out of Atlanta than there are stars in the sky. And it appears she’s gonna need them. With her habit of digitally visiting different servers across the globe, she always figured she’d piss off the wrong people at some point. It looks like that day has arrived. Some crazy glitter throwing, wing-wearing weirdos are on her tail, and screaming “it wasn’t me” at them isn’t making them go away. With the sparkle freaks closing in, Tory has no choice but to call her fang-banging BFF for help. Finally, an über hunky vamp appears to whisk her to safety. Except she dies. Really. Dead-dead. Almost. See, the thing about it is… The last thing Knight Protector Liam wants to do is rescue some purple-haired human, but he doesn’t get a say in the matter. So, he hunts her down and, instead of finding a paranoid woman, he finds a voluptuous beauty bleeding to death beneath a certain evil Pixie King. Then he does what any law-breaking vampire would do in such a situation: he saves her. Mostly. Well, she does die first, but it was only for, like, a minute. See, the thing about it is…

Official published review:

Purple hair, don’t care

This book is full of action, and danger, and snarky hilarity, and I absolutely couldn’t get enough. I love how Tory didn’t make anything easy, even when she was fighting with herself, and Liam was crazy in love from the very first glimpse. The author really expanded on the overarching storyline in this book while giving us the perfect love story. I enjoyed the depth of the characters personalities and the way she incorporated them all into the plot. This book is a phenomenal weekend read and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

5 stars


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