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Throwback Thursday – A Not So Lonely Christmas – Erin Raegan

A Not So Lonely Christmas: An Alien War Romance (Galactic Order)

Published to Amazon on December 3, 2020

Author Erin Raegan

All we need is a Christmas tree. Or, I want to believe that’s all we need. I know things are bad. My baby and I are all alone. Every day could be our last. If starvation and freezing temperatures don’t take us, the carnivorous aliens roaming our world are sure to eventually.
 But all I can do is get through the day. I tell myself the same thing every day.
 But not today. It’s days before Christmas eve, and if it’s the last thing I ever do, I’m going to get my baby boy his first Christmas tree.
 Today is the day I push past my despair and loneliness and make it the best first Christmas my boy could have.
 And though that task is proving to be near impossible for me, it’s not for our furry protector. He hides himself from us, never speaking, never showing himself no matter how badly we want him to. Just guarding our woods. Watching and protecting from afar. 
I don’t know it yet, but our protector is just as determined as me this Christmas. Previously published in the Stars, Snow, and Mistletoe anthology, This story is a standalone Galactic Order Short Story at 12.5k words. It is not necessary to have read the Galactic Order series to enjoy this novella but would make for a more enjoyable read. *Warning. For readers 18 years and older. Contains explicit sexual situations, dark themes, language, and violence.*

Official published review:

The language of love

This is my first experience with this author, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The story was super sweet, and I absolutely loved how these two managed to connect and communicate while not being able to completely understand each other. This book was only a brief glimpse into the world of these two characters, but I didn’t feel lost as the author described what was happening. Although I would recommend reading the series from the beginning, and I can’t wait to go back and see what brought them to this point. This book was a wonderful Christmas story about not giving up hope that is just right for the holiday season.

5 stars


Erin Raegan is an obsessed reader, a dedicated writer, and a lover of all things fantastically impossible. When she's not plotting her next project, she spends hours on her kindle, though nothing beats a real book in your hands. She writes science fiction romance under Erin Raegan but she also writes fantasy and paranormal romance under her pen name E.M. Raegan. She can be found at home in Connecticut with her chihuahua Minnie, and her German Shepard Odin, waiting with her son for her active duty husband to come home.

Author’s Website:

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