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Teaser Share – Blaze – Tana Stone

Their engagement is fake, but their chemistry is real... ...and it's hot enough to melt them both. Preorder Blaze by Tana Stone today!


BLURB: I swore to myself that I’d never fall for an alien warrior. Now my life depends on trusting a Drexian I’d hoped to never see again. I was coming on board the Drexian space station to attend my cousin’s wedding. That was it. Despite every other woman on Earth falling all over themselves for one of the tough aliens, I wasn’t interested. Not even a little bit. I had my own life on Earth to sort out, and a hot Drexian did not figure into my plans. But when a guy who's been pursuing me for ages shows up for Zoey's wedding, I need a way to prove to him that I'm not available. Unfortunately, roping Dryx into being my fake boyfriend isn't as cut and dry as I'd hoped. But once I'm thousands of miles away, the whole thing will be nothing but a bad memory. (Okay, a really hot memory, but that’s not the point.) When my return to Earth is postponed, I’m not only stuck on the space station, but I’m also stuck pretending the Drexian warrior least likely to settle down is my true love. Can I convince everyone on board that I'm in love with him while telling myself that his touch doesn't light my entire body on fire? This standalone sci-fi romance novel features steamy scenes on an Inferno Force battleship, a smoking-hot Inferno Force warrior, and a guaranteed HEA. If you like feisty heroines, aliens with extra erogenous zones, and lots of adventure, you’ll love BLAZE, the fourth book in Tana Stone’s sci-fi romance Inferno Force of the Drexian Warriors series.

About Tana

Tana Stone is the sci-fi romance author of the Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors series and the Barbarians of the Sand Planet series. Her first book, TAMED, was released in July, 2019. Her favorite superhero is Thor (with Jason Momoa's take on Aquaman as a close second), her favorite dessert is key lime pie, and she loves Star Wars and Star Trek equally. She has one husband, two teenagers, and two neurotic cats. She sometimes wishes she could teleport to a holographic space station. She loves hearing from readers! Email her any questions or comments at

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