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My 2023 Top 10 Most Read Authors - #10

Here we are at the beginning of another year, but first we have to close out the old one. As you could probably tell, I have been slacking a little bit this year, but what can I say it has been busy around here. I am going to school to upgrade my associate degree to a bachelors, and I also started a part-time job, so not a lot of free time. I completely missed this year’s countdown to Christmas, but don’t worry I will be back at it again in 2024. But there was no way I was going to miss gushing about My 2023 Top 10 Most Read Authors. It was a little bit of a throwback year for me because when I get stressed out, I tend to look for the authors and books that are my comfort reads over new and exciting stories. That’s not to say I didn’t read any of those, I mean I did read 361 books in 2023, just not enough to make the new to me authors fit into my top 10.

So, it is kind of funny that my number 10 author this year was my number 1 author last year. I know! But I really just felt like I needed to be surrounded by all of my old favorites during this very stressful year. As I have said before, this author has written some of my favorite charters. They are strong women who love to give their guys a hard time, and alpha males who don’t mind letting the ladies push them around a bit as long as they know who their man is. Together they turn into unbeatable teams who love nothing more than to save the day and win each other’s hearts.

This author is a constant guest on my Kindle app, and I can’t wait until she publishes her next read. I just know it is going to be a fantastic addition to my library.

Happy Reading!


Georgette St. Clair writes hot, sexy romances starring Alpha heroes. The road to love may be rocky and fraught with peril (and humor and scorchtastic sex and healthy heapings of snark), but her shifters will stop at nothing to claim the women they love.

Georgette has worn many hats in life: newspaper reporter, EMT, internet marketer, cocktail waitress, temp, nurse's aide (not in chronological order).

When she's not rescuing fur-babies, she spends her days in a fantasy universe where she nudges her smart-mouthed, take-no-gruff heroines onto paths which will set them on a collision course with true love.


Author’s Website:

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