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My 2022 Top 10 Most Read Authors - #1

And we have finally reached the top slot in My 2022 Top 10 Most Read Authors list. This author made it seem easy to move right into the number 1 slot, out of 148 other authors, with 39 books read in 2022. And I absolutely can’t wait to tell you why!

This author has the best characters! The ladies are tough, snarky, and fall hard for those guys who capture their hearts. And the guys are over-the-top alpha males who unapologetically go after the ladies who call to their senses. Sometimes they have a few tricks up their sleeves, but whatever it takes to win their lady loves. Right!

But characters aren’t the only thing she has going for her. The author creates these fantastic storylines that just draw me in. Each book and each story calls to me and I find myself downloading them onto my Kindle app for a re-read more often than not. All of the settings have this otherworldly feel to them that make them just fantastical enough where anything goes. I wish I could find somewhere like that for real.

I think I must have read each book about at least 20 times, okay maybe more like 10 times each, but whose counting? Me! I totally am! Anywho….the only drawback about this author is that I wish she released books more frequently, but hey! Perfection takes time! And so I will wait, I would say patiently, but that would be a lie, and continue to re-read my favorites, aka all of them, until her next new release.

Happy Reading!


Georgette St. Clair writes hot, sexy romances starring Alpha heroes. The road to love may be rocky and fraught with peril (and humor and scorchtastic sex and healthy heapings of snark), but her shifters will stop at nothing to claim the women they love.

Georgette has worn many hats in life: newspaper reporter, EMT, internet marketer, cocktail waitress, temp, nurse's aide (not in chronological order).

When she's not rescuing fur-babies, she spends her days in a fantasy universe where she nudges her smart-mouthed, take-no-gruff heroines onto paths which will set them on a collision course with true love.

Author’s Website:

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