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A Ripple Effect Reading Donation in Loving Memory

Not many of you know this, but a few weeks ago I was devastated at the sudden loss of my best friend. Shawnna loved to craft, and spend time with her friends and family, but most of all she loved to read. She didn’t much care what the book was, but I know she had her favorites. One of the best experiences I ever had with Shawnna was when she was helping me instill a lifelong love of reading to my daughters. We would read to them before bed, as part of their school day, or just any free minute when there was quiet.

As a way to honor her memory, I am donating 100 of my book pillows to kids in need over the next 12 months. But I need your help!

If you work with, or know of, an organization/group, church group, or just a child/family who has been hit really hard during these trying times, please PM their contact information or have them PM me. CONTACT | Boundandbooked

I am willing to ship to any state, youth ages 0-18 are eligible, I would love to share the joy of reading as far and wide as I can with your help.

Happy Reading


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