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Wordy Wednesday – You’re Lion – Celia Kyle

You're Lion (BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) (Ridgeville Series)

Published to Amazon on May 25, 2014

Author Celia Kyle

Newly turned lioness Maya Josephs is so not good at being the prima of the Ridgeville pride. She doesn't give a damn about protocol or hierarchy, and the last thing she wants to do is play nice with the pretentious tigress shifter leader who's come to pay her respects. Especially since the little bitch seems entirely too grabby with her mate, Alex, for Maya's taste. With new pregnancy hormones making her inner kitty extra bitchy, Maya's not sure who she's going to murder first: her gyno for discovering the pregnancy, her guards for following her every move (and annoying the living shit out of her), or the striped beyotch cooing over Alex. Screw it. She'll start with the tigress and work her way around to the other two. Lucky for everyone involved, it's a good thing Alex knows how to tame her inner she-cat...and make her purr.

Official published review:

Meltdown movement

What a fantastic little short into the life and mind of this queen lioness! I love her quick whit and staunch support of her friends and how she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. The author did a wonderful job of bringing on the snark, and the panic, in this brief glimpse into the lion pride and what their future holds. I can’t wait to read more!

4 stars


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