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Wordy Wednesday – Three Amused Zillionaires and a Busy Girl – Chloe Kent

Three Amused Zillionaires and a Busy Girl (Three Guys and a Girl Book 5)

Published to Amazon on December 13, 2022

Author Chloe Kent

Micaela Murphy is a busy girl and the quickest way she can get out of spending the holidays with her raucous, overly inquisitive family determined to find her a husband, any husband, is to bring home not one, or two, but three boyfriends.

Okay so maybe her boyfriends aren’t really her boyfriends. They’re actors she hired especially for the purpose of getting her family off her back who think there might be something wrong with her for being twenty-six and unmarried.

Between her sanctimonious pearl-clutching aunt and her people-pleasing mother, Micaela believes she’ll have her three-day visit home wrapped in five minutes flat.

Things don’t go the way she planned. Her family decides now is a good time to get woke and she’s stuck with them for three days, with her three pretend boyfriends in tow.

Jarrett Carver, Theo Chambers, and Oliver Collins are all equally amused when the pretty, bossy, busy, dark-haired girl mistakes them for the actors she hired to pretend to be her boyfriend.

How could they not just go along with it?

Publisher Warning: This book contains graphic scenes.

Official published review:

The more the merrier

Just in time for the holidays, this book has everything I love about this author’s writing. Three amazingly hot, dominant men, and one sassy lady who has gotten herself into a situation, throw in some family madness and it’s really nothing short of perfection. I love how “Mack” is so focused and scatter brained, and I enjoyed the way her family showed her how much they love her the only way she would let them, and I especially loved how the guys went after what they wanted, no matter the obstacles. This book was a fantastic read, and I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for the new year.

5 stars


Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance for as long as she could remember. And now she gets to write them too. Her books always feature a fiery heroine who has no idea what she’s been waiting for until she meets the powerful and dominant hero… or heroes because sometimes it takes more than one. Her favorite things to do are reading and consuming chocolate.

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