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Wordy Wednesday – Tag Team – Bianca D’Arc

Tag Team: Tales of the Were (Gemini Project Book 1)

Published to Amazon on October 17, 2017

Author Bianca D’Arc

A special ops team with a very special superpower… Peter and Mike are childhood friends and part of a top secret program that takes Special Forces soldiers and enhances their telepathic abilities. They can communicate silently with each other and operate as an unstoppable team in the field. Lilly is a part-time aerobics instructor in the gym Peter and Mike frequent. Both men caught her eye when they first started coming in. Then again, all the women at the gym have been eyeing the two sexy soldiers in their midst. Peter and Mike have been gone for months on a mission, but they’re back now and ready to claim the woman they both want. The question is, will Lilly be willing to let them both into her life?

Official published review:

No more missed opportunities

I just love the way this author thinks. This book may not be long, but it contains so much story. I really enjoyed the way the author was able to infuse the characters background relationship into every step forward in their reconnection. She did a fantastic job of making the evolution of their threesome flow so naturally with the story. I would have loved for the story to be a little longer because it was just that good. I am so glad they managed to find their HEA and can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of the unit.

5 stars


Bianca D'Arc started her professional life running a laboratory. After grad school, she started to climb the corporate ladder in the shark-infested streets of lower Manhattan. Along the way, she studied various forms of the martial arts, racked up hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles, and learned that life is too short to spend it doing something you dislike. She now writes full time and loves it more than anything, though she'll always miss her first love... her laboratory Author’s Website: Author’s Facebook: Author’s Instagram: Author’s Amazon: Author’s Goodreads: Author’s BookBub: Author’s mailing list:

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