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Wordy Wednesday – Bat and the Blitz – A. Gregory

Bat and the Blitz (FUC Academy Book 24)

Published to Amazon on December 7, 2021

Author A. Gregory

It's a batty world in the winter…

Raya is a bat shifter who grew up in the shadow of her perfect sibling, but she's determined to shine in her own moonlight when she becomes a FUCN'A agent. Unfortunately, her first assignment is on a task force run by her sister, and she's paired up with a grumpy—albeit ridiculously sexy—Christmas-hating reindeer. She'd rather suck on menthol-flavoured gumdrops than take the case, but there's no other choice. She'll have to travel to Christmas Town to thwart would-be immortality chasers with a man who has a candy cane to pick with the big man in red.

The entire future of holiday magic hinges on a reindeer with no Christmas cheer, a vampire bat trying to prove herself, and a town full of secrets...

Official published review:

Shine on your own

This book is such a fantastic addition to the series and the perfect way to get into the holiday season! I love the characters! They are grumpy, snarky, wounded, kind, and hilarious making for a fast-paced engaging read. The storyline is amazing and I couldn’t get enough of the snarky, holiday one liners! This author knows just what to bring to her PNR stories to keep me coming back for more! I am looking forward to reading her next book!

5 stars


Alexa Gregory writes love stories for the people that fate forgot. She believes that love should bring people together, especially in the darkest of times. She began writing before knowing what words were and never stopped. The home Alexa shares with her husband is overrun with filled notebooks, stacks of sticky notes, and enough books to build a bridge to another world. She is currently working on a novel or two.

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