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Summer’s Corner – The Real Monsters – Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Mysteries Unwrapped: The Real Monsters

Published to Amazon on October 7, 2008

Author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

We all love shivery, scary stories about unquiet ghosts, bloodsucking vampires, wicked witches, and werewolves howling under a full moon. But do real monsters walk the earth—or are they just figments of our imagination? Unwrap the mystery and discover the truth! Over time, scientific inquiry has shed light on these terrifying creatures of the darkness; the reality behind the legends will fascinate children as much as any horror movie or tale told round a campfire. Find out whether there really is a curse of the mummy; how Dracula got his name; and how zombies are created. From giant cyclopses to a chilling account of an authentic haunted house, what they read here will open kids’ eyes wide with surprise!

Official published review:

Everybody has read or seen or heard a ghost story or tale of some monster, this book uses science to explain some of the myths and legends behind them. It’s surprising how many genetic disorders can explain monsters and zombies. And the explanation of what a mummy’s curse really is is fascinating. Give this book a read if you’re interested in the facts behind the famous myths.

5 stars


Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen is an award-winning children's book author whose books include Duck Duck Moose, Chicks Run Wild, Pirate Princess, Hampire!, and the forthcoming Orangutangled. She visits schools around the country to talk about the craft of writing to children of all ages. "Every book is an autobiography" is a favorite saying of hers, and a big part of her message is that everyone, grownup or child, has a story that is interesting and compelling—if you can find the right words to tell it. Sudipta lives outside Philadelphia with her children and an imaginary pony named Penny.

Author’s Website:

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