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Summer’s Corner – How They Croaked – Georgia Bragg

How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous

Published to Amazon on July 3, 2012

Author Georgia Bragg

Over the course of history men and women have lived and died. In fact, getting sick and dying can be a big, ugly mess-especially before the modern medical care that we all enjoy today. How They Croaked relays all the gory details of how nineteen world figures gave up the ghost. For example:

It is believed that Henry VIII's remains exploded within his coffin while lying in state.

Doctors "treated" George Washington by draining almost 80 ounces of blood before he finally kicked the bucket.

Right before Beethoven wrote his last notes, doctors drilled a hole in his stomach without any pain medication.

Readers will be interested well past the final curtain, and feel lucky to live in a world with painkillers, X-rays, soap, and 911.

What better book for someone with gallows humor than a book about how some of the most famous people in history died. This book explores the down and dirty of some of the most famous people in history, and one in particular is why I chose it for this month. This being my March review I thought it fitting to read a book that talked about Julius Caesar’s death. Beware the Ides of March my friends. Georgia Bragg completed extensive research to complete this book and it shows. She not only talks about the aforementioned peoples’ deaths but their lives as well, probably including some lesser known facts. She even went to the trouble of putting in a diagram at the end showing how some of the people were connected, some of them might surprise you.

Georgia Bragg’s father, mother, and brother are all artists, and Georgia is too. She was a printmaker, a painter, and a storyboard artist before becoming a writer. “My parents talked about art seven days a week,” she says. “Someone’s latest creation was always propped up at the dinner table, so I learned about art by osmosis. I didn’t realize how unique my experience was until I got older.” Georgia lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and two cats. Read a recent interview with Georgia at!

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