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Kindles in the Wild – The Marker – Ann Howes – September 18, 2021

This was a fun day! We picked up my cousin and took her with us on an adventure at the farm. This was only my second time at the farm, but she used to go with her daughter all of the time and enjoy the sights and sounds of fall.

The farm was all decked out for the fall harvest and holiday season. We found all kinds of decorations that I would have loved to take home it I had a yard to put them in. There were so many vendors and of course all of the farm fun with a maze and slides and so much more. Not to mention the food and food trucks! You can never go wrong with a visit to the farm, especially when they are having one of their festivals.

Unintentionally this became a two-book site as one of the vendors just happened to be a local author. As far as I know, this is the only author that I have met in person. I know! I know! But no matter how much I want to go to a book signing the timing never seems right. That’s one of my goals this year, to get to a local book signing event if not one of the big conferences. Well anyway, this author is a writer of children’s books, and she did a really fantastic job with her first one. The story is cute and inspiring for the children who read it. I mean look! It’s been Felicia approved and already made into a book pillow for a little one to enjoy. (Please check out the book info below)

This day was filled with food, fun, and family, and of course the book I was actually reading while I was at the farm. This one is a contemporary, mafia romance that just hit all of the feels. I love the characters and the burdens they carry from their pasts that have shaped their future. Their road to HEA comes with some bumps and bruises, and I very gassy pooch, but it was worth every tear shed along the way. This is a fantastic book and I highly recommend adding it to your TBR pile.

Happy Reading


Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

2526 Proctor Lane

Parkville, MD 21234

The Marker: A Mafia Romance (The Bridge Series Book 1)

Published to Amazon on January 13, 2018

Author Ann Howes

****2019 Beverley Contest Winner**** Shelley De Luca has a problem. A large, man-sized one in the form of the older brother of her dead high school sweetheart. She owes him a marker and he intends to collect. In the biblical way. Sure, he’s dangerous, a jerk and a player but he’s also gorgeous, sexy and secretly the man of her dreams. Except for the small matter of her heart, paying him back should be easy. Gianni Cadora is Mafia trying to go legit. When Shelley stumbles back into his life, she comes with bruises, a psycho ex and a spicy attitude he can’t resist. He’s a man used to getting his way, so why is it so difficult to convince her he’s what she needs? Perhaps it’s their history or his reputation, but he isn’t above using his marker or a funny, flatulent dog to get what he wants.

Official published review:

Hide behind the mask

This one of the best movies I’ve ever read! I know it’s a book, but I was so immersed in the story that I could see it play out in my head. The characters were engaging, I could sympathize with them all because they author filled the pages with tons of emotions and details. The story felt so realistic and I was completely invested in the outcome. I love the old guys and the way they embraced the younger generation and raced in to offer support and assistance. I throughly enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the next installment!

5 stars


Ann was born in Africa (the very southern part) but currently lives in California. She's a romance nut, crazy about her kids and animals and when she's not writing she loves growing things, especially avocados, of which she eats a bunch.

Before her obsession with creating hot, sexy alphas and the strong women they fall in love with, she spent time as a nanny, dabbled in being a travel agent, hairdressing and property management.

Author’s Website:

Maui’s Grand Adventures: A Weiner Dog’s Journey Home

Published to Amazon on June 23, 2021

Author Heidi Raduano

Maui is a sweet dachshund puppy who loves her life with her doggie family in Arkansas! Everything is perfect until one day when she is told she will be taking a grand adventure to a new loving family in another state! She is not sure if this adventure is going to be fun or if she even wants a new family, but she finds courage each step of the way. This story tells all about Maui’s journey home!

Official published review:

Take the fear out of flying

What an adorable story. The author made the characters come alive in this book about a puppy’s first grand adventure. This book is perfect for the dog lover in your home, young or old. I love the success of the journey and look forward to seeing what Maui gets up to next.

5 stars


Heidi is an accomplished and talented singer, songwriter, and musician. As a skilled songwriter, putting words on a page isn’t new for Heidi. She now presses forward in a new direction, as a children’s book author. Heidi loves to tell of the antics of her adorable Doxie, Maui. Her vision of this adventure carried through with both her storytelling and her creative work with the graphic artist, as she crafted every character, scene, and detail. It will be fun to see what happens in future stories, as Maui provides the material and Heidi brings their world to life for readers of all ages.

Heidi and Maui live in Baltimore, MD with their family—Anthony and Lexy—and look forward to telling more of Maui’s adventures!

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