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Kindles in the Wild – A Deal for Zeylum – Lynnea Lee - #9 Trolley Trail – June 17, 2023

As you guys know, for the last year, year and a half, I have not been as good about getting our ventures posted in a timely manner. Eh! Life happens! But I wanted to be sure I shared this one before I forgot all of the important elements. Of course, Amazon slowed me down because it took a minute for my review to post. This is a location that I have wanted to visit for a while, what can I say? The picture on the website called to me, and we finally made plans to go this past Saturday. Too bad I couldn’t want to when I got up. I really just wanted to stay in bed all day, but Mollee was excited and up at a reasonable time, so I made myself get up and get moving. And man, oh man was I glad I did.

The drive alone is fantastic! From our house, we left the interstate at Frederick Rd to travel the back roads through woodsy picturesque areas. We debated on the best place to park and took a shot in the dark, but my instincts were spot on. The address above is the perfect location! The lot isn’t too big, but it is free and has maybe 30 spots, give or take. It’s in a shady area, so the car wasn’t too hot when we got back. And its easy access to the trail head, just walk back towards the road and take the set of stairs to the left of the lot. Just head up and go to the left to get started. From this direction the mile and three quarters long hike begins at a mild incline. Along the way, you pass through a few barriers and cross some streets until you reach the end at a housing area. The path entire path is blacktop except for the wooden walkway directly under the tracks, and if you park in lot A, the return walk is a gentle downhill slope. There is even a little shopping area you can check out around the halfway point with little benches along the way if you need a break.

This trail is a perfect way to get in some easy exercise and enjoy nature. In fact, its close enough to us that we will probably visit again. I hope we’ll see you out there!

Since the day was about experiencing new things, the book I took with me was perfect. Well new things and getting lost in the woods anyway. These two characters did a fantastic job of getting lost in the woods. Much like me it was actually the goal that they were hoping for. Of course, for them it was life and death, and there were more than a few creatures out to get them, but they survived and made it back to civilization and their HEA. The story is high on action, danger, and emotion and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Happy Reading


Number Nine Trolley Trail

Historic Ellicott City Parking Lot A

1233 Oella Ave

Ellicott City, MD 21043

A Deal for Zeylum: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Tallean Mercenaries Book 1)

Published to Amazon on June 17, 2020

Author Lynnea Lee

Ashe is in trouble with a capital T. As merchandise heading to an intergalactic auction, Ashe’s future looks grim. So when a too-sexy-for-his-own-good alien outlaw solicits her help to break them out of lockup, she jumps on the chance. Ashe only needs to survive long enough with the known criminal to get her end of the bargain: freedom. She trusts the clawed and fanged Tallean warrior to keep her safe, but who will keep her safe from him? A Tallean mercenary claims what he wants, and he wants her! As captain of an infamous mercenary vessel, Zeylum carefully crafts his dastardly reputation with crass words and a brutish exterior. But the little human triggers his need to own and protect, and Zey finds himself bonded to the one female he promised to let free. Will Ashe look past his rough facade and fall for the male beneath? Because now that he’s had a taste of his mate, he will never let her go! Feisty heroine, growly mercenary, and lots of action ahead. HEA guaranteed!

Official published review:

Survival of the fittest

The author took me on a fantastic adventure with this book. There are bad guys, and predators, and a desperate attempt to get free that mesh perfectly with the brewing love connection between these two. I love the byplay between the characters and how they both discovered they needed to modify their thinking to overcome different cultural expectations. This story is one with a lot of depth and side stories that enhanced the story rather than detract from it. It did have a feel that there’s a prequel or a link to another series that I might have missed, but I didn’t feel lost other than in the story itself. This book is perfect for a weekend read, and I can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of the crew.

5 stars


Lynnea Lee is a recovered serial monogamist who now lives in her forever home with the warrior of her dreams. Still hopelessly addicted to the feeling of falling in love she now feeds her habit with a routine prescription of romance novels and rampant imagination. When she is not dreaming up fantastical stories of love, lust, and romance, her hobbies include talking to her plants, putting on a full face of makeup to stay home on Saturday nights, and hugging her dog and other fur babies longer than is appreciated.

Author’s Website:

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