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Kindles in the Wild – My Kind of Town – Shelly Laurenston – July 31, 2021

What a fantastic way to end the month of July! On this venture we met up with my sister and headed out to the trailhead again. I fell in love with the casteltry of the monument and once we looked it up to see where it was at off we went. It was a little bit of a trek for us, but the beauty of the area and the history of the location made it all worth it.

We loved all of the outside elements, but this location also had a fantastic little museum that we were able to go into and check out. The staff member was very knowledgeable, and he knew answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask. Did you check out that weathervane? It is the embodiment of the Pen being mightier than the Sword.

Once we soaked up as much knowledge as we could, we headed out to check out the empty tomb and then we put some more miles on our sneakers as we trekked up a bit on the Appalachian Trail. There were not too many people out and about, but that makes it so much easier to get lost in the beauty of nature and the company of family. If you are in the area, you are not going to want to miss this sweet spot. There is something for everyone.

As always, I was not without my IPad and Kindle app, and what better book to take along than this one. Because this really is My Kind of Town. This author has a knack for creating those characters you can connect with and relate to, and then she throws them into crazy situations that wind up resulting in the best HEAs, and this book was no exception. I loved the story and the characters, and you would be remiss if you didn’t give up some of your time to add this book to your To Be Read list.

Happy Reading


Gathland State Park

900 Arnoldstown Road

Jefferson MD 21755

My Kind of Town

Published to Amazon on April 26, 2020

Author Shelly Laurenston

Emma Luchessi may be a witch from Long Island but she is used to her life being quiet. Some may even say boring. She doesn’t mind boring. Boring is safe. Calm. Peaceful. Like beige. One doesn’t get into trouble with beige. But a wrong turn off a southern highway is about to turn Emma’s beige life into everything but boring.

Kyle Treharne’s a good ol’ boy with a sheriff’s badge and a difficult population to manage. He wishes he had to worry about gangs and drugs and car-jackings. Instead, he has to worry about big cats fighting with wolves, bears fighting over honey, and hyenas fighting with everyone. And now, out of nowhere, he’s got a human outsider riling up all the locals by asking too many questions. She’s just so paranoid. And doesn’t trust Kyle a lick. These city gals. They just don’t know how to relax, do they?

Of course, Kyle is a big cat. He knows how to relax and he’d be more than willing to help Emma learn how. He’d be willing to help Emma do all sorts of things if she’d just give him half a chance.

But it turns out Emma coming to Smithville isn’t a simple accident. She’s been brought here and she’s bringing change and danger right along with her. Lucky for Emma, Kyle and the rest of the town like a bit of danger…

This story was previously available in the Sun, Sand and Sex anthology.

Official published review:

Going to the dogs

Well really it’s going to the cats, but regardless this book is amazing! I love the humor the author sprinkled in with the action and danger. It gave the story a more realistic feel and made it so easy to fall in love with the characters. And the characters were fantastic! I love the slow easygoing of those southern boys and the fast paced energy of the yankee ladies. The author enthralled me from the beginning and, even at the end, I wish there was more. I would love to see what HEAs Bear, Tully, Katie, and the rest of the coven finds for themselves.

5 stars


Originally from Long Island, New York, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelly Laurenston has resigned herself to West Coast living which involves healthy food, mostly sunny days, and lots of guys not wearing shirts when they really should be. Shelly Laurenston is also The New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author G.A. Aiken, creator of the Dragon Kin series. For more info on G.A.’s dangerously and arrogantly sexy dragons, check out her website at

Author’s Website:

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