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Kindles in the Wild – Malac – Ava Ross – May 11, 2021

As I am sure you guys can tell by now, my daughters and I love being outside and we love finding new locations to enjoy being outside in. Yesterday Mollee and I took advantage of the warm weather and my getting out of work early to go out on a brand-new adventure.

We started out looking for the remnants of an abandoned village, which we found as you can tell by the church ruins, rusted out old tow truck, and the tractor trailer half in the water, but we ended up finding so much more. We managed to finally find the waterfalls at the Daniels area that we never quite managed to see last summer due to limited LEGAL parking, and yes, the cops do give you tickets if you decide to create your own parking spot. It gave me a little joy in my heart to see the boys in blue at work that day.

The grass is already pretty tall and lush thanks to all of the rain over the last couple of weeks, so we didn’t see as much of the town as we wanted to. But that just means we get to go back in every season since we saw all kinds of brick frames just barely sticking out among the green. Deer ticks are a real thing out here, so we only took a few forays off of the wide solid trail.

The parking area only holds about 8 cars, so you really need to try to go during off peak times and don’t freak out when you see the house directly in front of the gate to the trails. Just be nice and keep to the left of their driveway taking the paved loop back around to the gated area. If you follow the link in the location the pictures are great to get you where you need to be for this nice easy walk out to a brand-new location.

On this little journey, I took Malac with me for those moments of peace along the way. He was an expert at finding those hidden gem locations to enjoy, so I felt his book was the perfect fit out into the wilds of Maryland. I hope you take some time to find the perfect outdoor spots with your own Kindle. Be sure to share because you never know when we will be visiting out your way looking for a new adventure.

Happy Reading


Alberton Rocks Trailhead

8020 Baltimore National Pike

Ellicott City, MD 21043

Malac: A Sci-Fi Alien Dragon Romance (Brides of Driegon book 1)

Published to Amazon on January 29, 2021

Author Ava Ross

An alien dragon king meets his fated mate in a woman from Earth. With conflict brewing in the kingdom, will he be forced to make a heart-breaking choice? Bella: When I came to the subterranean kingdom of Driegon as a mail-order bride, I didn't expect the dragon king to sweep me off my feet, take flight, and claim me as his mate. He says a mythical mating ritual called the Torrent proves we're fated. Yeah, sure. Then I find out he's almost engaged. He insists he'll find a way for us to be together, but I've fallen for pretty lies before, and I won't give my heart again easily. Malac: To end a war among the factions of my Driegon people, I must marry the daughter of a rival warlord. I've accepted my fate. Until I meet Bella, one of three Earthlings brought to my kingdom as mail-order brides. One touch, and my blood roars through me--the first sign of the Torrent. We're fated and I ache to claim her, yet I cannot betray my people. But the heart of a dragon will not be denied. Malac is Book 1 in the Brides of Driegon Series. This standalone, full-length story has on-the-page heat, aliens who look and act alien, a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. Look for the rest of the series on Amazon.

Official published review:

Expect the unexpected

What a fantastic series starter! This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I may have grabbed the rest of the series because I just can’t wait to read more. I love the characters! The king was nothing like I expected him to be which made him the perfect match for his queen. The drama of the unknown enemy was the perfect addition, and I love the hints we get to see of the other girls and their possible matches. This book made me fall in love with this series and the author. I hope she has another book ready by the time I finish reading the rest of the books in her library.

5 stars


Ava Ross fell for men with unusual features when she first watched Star Wars, where alien creatures have gone mainstream. She lives in New England with her husband, three kids, and assorted pets.

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