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Kindles in the Wild – Jamie – Lori Foster – August 26, 2022 - Nao Trinidad

This has to be one of my favorite ships that we toured. It reminds you the most of a pirate ship, thank you Johnny Depp, and you just felt like you were stepping back in time. You head to face the stairs no matter if you were going down or up, it had the rigging you can just imagine some intrepid soul clambering up, and the bottom was dark no matter the brightness of the day, thank my iPhone for the well-lit pictures.

Summer and I got to see the captain’s quarters, the stores, and weaponry as we walked through. Heck we even found Waldo; do you see him hiding in one of my pictures?

We only saw this ship on day one because the line was already at the 2-hour mark on the morning of day 2. But the workers know how to treat you right. They had a drink station setup at the back of the line area with some snackies, and booze, well they had PG drinks for the young, but what’s a pirate ship without the rum? Again, thank you Johnny Depp.

It’s a good thing I never leave home without my iPad and Kindle app because I was able to get some serious reading time in while we anxiously awaited our turn. The book for this adventure is by one of my favorite authors. She usually writes contemporary stories, but I wish she would write more PNR because she has an amazing talent for subtly working it into her stories. The characters were amazing, and I love how they had to trust in faith in order to reach their HEA. The author brought the action, and the nosey neighbors, making this such an enjoyable experience.

If the tall ships are in your area, I highly recommend taking a day to immerse yourself in history and the sea. Just be sure to take a book along for company. And why not this one? It’s an oldie, but an absolute goodie.

Happy Reading


Nao Trinidad

Tall Ships Erie 2022

150 East Front Street

Erie, PA 16507

Jamie (Visitation Book 5)

Published to Amazon on March 19, 2013

Author Lori Foster

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Somerset Girls. “Filled with Foster’s trademark wit, humor, and sensuality.”—Booklist It’s not that the woman in his arms is naked. It’s not that he’s carrying her up a mountain in a driving storm. What bothers Jamie is that the unconscious redhead is an intruder, someone who could bring him harm. He has his reasons for hiding out in this stark, secluded cabin; for keeping his emotions under wraps; for never, ever getting too close to anyone. But before she passed out in his bed, she said her name was Faith—an appropriate name since he has to take her at her word. Who is she? Why is she here? Who sent her? And what is she doing to him? Jamie’s used to feelings of wariness, isolation, of being on guard. What he’s not used to is this dangerous, nearly uncontrollable new emotion raging through him like a man on fire. With a bonus chapter included!

Official published review:

When you know you know

I absolutely loved this story! It’s a subtle PNR with a contemporary fee, and it just enhanced the experience. The characters were realistic and so well developed I was just waiting for them to step out of the pages with their sage wisdom. This author is a pro when it comes to emotional angst and the struggles it brings to relationships. I loved getting to watch both of these couples struggle through to their HEA. The storyline seemed straightforward at first, but then were these occasional side characters that muddled the water and misdirected the outcome of each event. It was fantastic getting to see more of my favorite couples, and now there are at least two more stories that I really hope the author takes the time to tell. This book was the perfect story to tell Jamie’s tale and I just know I will be reading it again sometime.

5 stars


Lori Foster is a New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author. She has received the Romantic Times "Career Achievement Award" for Series Romantic Fantasy and for Contemporary Romance; Amazon's top-selling romance title for Too Much Temptation; Amazon's Top Ten editors' picks in romance for Causing Havoc; Waldenbooks' second "Bestselling Original Contemporary" romance for Say No To Joe; BGI group's "Bestselling Original Contemporary" romance for the The Secret Life of Bryan, "Bestselling Romantic Comedy" for Jude's Law, and "Bestselling Romantic Suspense" for Back in Black; Plus Amazon's #1 Editors' Pick in Romance for Servant: The Acceptance. Lori has been featured as a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle, and the USA Today "Quick Cross" puzzle. To give back to the community, Lori does an annual "benefit" book where all advance and royalties go to a charity:

She also hosts the annual "Reader & Author Get Together," facilitating major interaction between readers, authors, and industry professionals while also donating all proceeds from raffles to local charities.

Author’s Website:

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