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Kindles in the Wild – Harboring His Mate – Christa Wick – June 9, 2021

See! I told you! We loved it so much we just had to go back, for actual swimming this time. Okay, okay, you got me! The kids went swimming, I just kind of waded when I wanted to take some pictures. The water was fairly shallow at just below my knee, so no fear of getting fully wet unless it is with intention and amazingly enough it was not as packed as I thought it would be. We were able to set up in a nice location and didn’t feel over crowed on the beach or in the water. It wasn’t exactly how I had hoped to spend my birthday, but that’s okay, it’s really just another day anyway, and I got to hang out with the girls, what more could I ask for.

We didn’t stay too long at this amazing little beach, maybe a few hours? What can I say the Florida sun is bright and having to put on sunscreen to set in a beach chair while I sweat profusely gets old after a while. Not to mention we got a late start, so by the time the kiddos were ready to dry off we were all ready to put everything in the car and walk around the inlet to grab some grub at the Surfside Grill.

The food was fantastic and what can be bad about getting to sit on the deck and enjoy lunch in the salty air. Plus, we finally got a chance to walk out to the end of the long pier that we only were able to catch a glimpse of the day before and check out the ocean side beach area, although that was a little more reminiscent of Ocean City, Maryland since there was a pretty sizeable drop off into the water.

This location might have been a partial repeat for use, but I was able to grab this new to me author that I can’t wait to check out the rest of her books. I have been holding onto this book since January and for the life of me I don’t know why. The characters were phenomenal, the storyline was everything I could hope for, and the reading experience was one I can’t wait to repeat. If you are going to be heading to the beach for the day, you really couldn’t pick a better book to keep you occupied.

Happy Reading


Sebastian Inlet State Park

9700 South Highway A1A

Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

Surfside Grill and Adventures

9700 S. Hwy A1A

Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

Harboring His Mate: Taron & Onyx (Protected by the Pack Book 1)

Published to Amazon on November 23, 2020

Author Christa Wick

Onyx: I'm a city wolf--a damaged and injured one at that. Obviously, the absolute last place I should be when I'm in heat is in the middle of the woods with unmated male shifters in the wild able to scent me. But here I am, running for my life. I'm not used to anyone being nice to me, let alone helping me. Even being the daughter of a pack alpha doesn't keep you safe when you're the lone freak in your pack who can't shift. I'm being hunted out here in the woods, and yet somehow I feel safe on the doorstep of the big, brusque stranger who offers me sanctuary. Taron isn't like any of the shifters I grew up around. He's a bear shifter for one--an alpha, no less--with a protective streak a mile wide...for me. Taron: Not much to say. I knew from the moment Onyx found herself trying to escape her troubles in my woods. It hit me like a damn freight train. The she-wolf was my mate. Meaning she was mine to heal. And mine to protect at all costs. Previously published as Ride The Wicked Woodsman (c) 2015 with revisions throughout, newly added content, and a different extended ending. PROTECTED BY THE PACK (MC shifters) Book 1: Harboring His Mate (Taron & Onyx) Book 2: Resisting His Mate (Braeden & Paisley) Book 3: Enticing His Mate (Joshua & Clover)

Official published review:

Sanctuary at last

What a fantastic first experience with this author! She kept the action high and brought a tear to my eye more than once. I love the characters and the way they connected almost immediately, and what an amazing support squad just waiting for their own books to get written. I enjoyed how, in the end, Onyx found the home she was always looking for. The getting their was just icing on the cake. This book opened up a whole new series for me, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

5 stars


Author’s Website:

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