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Kindles in the Wild – Grim – M.K. Eidem – October 29, 2021

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

What better day for a Haunted House then a dark and stormy night? Okay it wasn’t that great a night if you were one of the ones making the magic happen, it was a whole lot of wet, and more people then we thought making for interesting times. But if the screams were any indication there was a lot of spooky times for those who braved the costal flood warnings and came to see the show. Thankfully it is not supposed to rain the rest of the weekend, and we had one heck of a dress rehearsal.

With all of the down time I was able to get in some moments of reading on this phenomenal book. Not as much as I would have hopes, but with all of the good company hanging around out of the rain, who could concentrate on reading anyway? This book is one that lived on my Amazon wish list for longer than it should have. I loved the characters! And the storyline is out of this world, no really! Alien abductions, with a return visit for some unexpected baggage made for a fascinating ride. And of course that set me off down the series rabbit hole and I am devouring them like skittles left unattended. Well not really, I actually dislike skittles, but if you leave anything dark chocolate laying around I don’t now what happened to them.

If you guys are in the area, I highly recommend stopping by for a night of fright, friends, and lots of good food. We will be out here the next two nights making hearts race and laughter abound. But do be a dear and leave your luggage in the car or you will have to coat check with the security team. And it goes without saying that this book needs to find its way to your Ereader or hot little hands as soon as you get a chance. You will not be disappointed.

No matter what your plans are for this scariest of all weekends, I hope you have a safe, fun and fantastic time.

Happy Reading


Boumi Shriners

5050 King Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21237

Grim (Tornians Book 1)

Published to Amazon on August 30, 2013

Author M.K. Eidem

King Grim Vasteri is the strongest and most feared warrior in the Tornian Empire. He is the King of Luda, blood brother to the Emperor and his line will die with him. He will have no offspring for no female would join with him for once he was scarred he was considered 'unfit'. The Tornian Empire has been dying ever since the great infection caused the birth of females to become a rarity. Since then they have been searching the known universes for compatible females. The Emperor's discovery of a compatible female on a slave ship changed that. He'd ordered Grim to find his Empress' home world so more 'unprotected' females could be obtained, knowing Grim would never be allowed to Join with one.

Lisa Miller is a widowed mother of two little girls, Carly and Miki. Her husband died just a year ago, after a long battle with cancer and she misses him immensely. Friends want her to start dating again but in her heart, she knows there isn't a man on the planet she could love like her Mark. Who could love their girls like their own. Therefore, she'll stay alone.

When Lisa is discovered 'unprotected' at her husband's grave, she wakes on an alien ship heading for an alien world. Refusing to accept this she confronts the large males, demanding she be returned to her children. Seeing his chance to have a female, Grim agrees to accept and protect her offspring, if she agrees to Join with him and only him. Realizing this is the only way she can retrieve her children Lisa agrees and the Tornian Empire changes forever.

Time is written on his soul

I have had my eye on this book for a while, but I held off because I just knew I would either hate it or it would send me down the series rabbit hole. Yep, seven books later and I still want to keep on reading! The characters were phenomenal! Okay some of them had to be bad, but oh were they fantastic at it, and the good ones were even better. I love that one small woman had the ability to sway a nation with nothing more than her natural qualities and two beautiful daughters. There were so many ups and downs in the relationship and the danger added an element that just enhanced the story. This was my first experience with this author, but it won’t be my last. I can only hope that there are many more books in her library.

5 Stars


I have always loved to read and writing is just a natural extension of this for me. Growing up I loved to extend the stories of my favorite books and TV shows just to see where the characters went. I've been happily married for nearly twenty-five years to an awesome man and have two great kids. Now that the kids are out of the house, at least most of the time, I've found I have the time to write again.

Author’s Website:

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