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Kindles in the Wild – Finders Keepers – Lacey Thorn – May 29, 2022 – Aquarium of Niagara

After traveling so far, we just had to find us an animal filled location to enjoy. This little aquarium is small, but it is mighty. Floors are filled with aquatic life and the staff are stationed around to answer questions and to explain their featured fish. They have a show multiple times a day, but as it always seems to happen, we were there an hour before the next show, so we missed it. This aquarium has a touch tank, but of course we missed that as well since the critters were due for their scheduled break between getting mauled by us nasty humans. Can’t say I blame them for wanting a breather, I know I would want one.

While I wished the aquarium was a little bit bigger, they have done a fantastic job with the room and exhibits that they do have. If you travel for the falls, I would certainly recommend driving a few streets over to check out this little touch of the ocean.

The book I took on this little venture was another example of small but mighty. Both the courageous female lead, who was more than willing to step out of her comfort zone to avoid oppression, and the book itself, as it was a quick but intense read. The author packed so much detail and depth into so few pages, that I found myself invested in the outcome of the characters and their search for that elusive HEA. I can only hope that the author brings us more books from this world, the thought of a colony of survivors intrigues me. But no pressure at all.

No matter where in the world you find yourself, I hope you take the time to grab a copy of this book and enjoy. I have a feeling you will not be disappointed.

Happy Reading


Aquarium of Niagara

701 Whirlpool St

Niagara Falls, NY 14301

Finders Keepers

Published to Amazon on March 26, 2022

Author Lacey Thorn

Tomorrow the auctions will take place. Every eligible woman will be included. Some are sold as brides while others are sold into another lifestyle. None have a choice. Winter refuses to accept that fate. Taking the first chance of her life, she risks it all to escape, running into the desert and hoping to find something better. When Roar, Scar, Gate, Shadow and Blade find Winter, they only plan to take her back to the safety of the settlement. But Winter isn’t going back. One way or another she will convince them there is no other option than to keep her.

Official published review:

Out of the pan, into the fire

Can you be jealous of a fictional character? Winter’s story may have started with a desperate situation, but the fates were surely looking out for her. She not only beat the bad guys, but she found her perfect little HEA. This book is short and fast-paced, but the author managed to pack each page with such depth that I felt like I could be in the desert. I truly enjoyed the characters in the story and I loved how the author was able to convey each unique personality. This book is a must read, and I would totally be on board if the author wrote more books in this world.

5 stars


Lacey is a hyper blonde, bouncing through life with her magical bracelets of positivity. A die-hard gamer (she refuses to call it an addiction), she resides in Oklahoma, mom to three awesome children, one demanding dog, and a crazy cat. She has a passion for life and tends to leap long before she checks for safety exits. She writes possessive, alpha heroes who demand everything from the women they love. Believing sex is an integral part of a healthy romantic relationship, she doesn’t believe in closed doors, or even confining things to the indoors. Her stories reflect her strong family ties, friendships that showcase how some family consists of those we choose, and a goofy sense of humor that helps keep her laughing through all life’s ups and downs. She loves to chat with anyone and often does to the annoyance of her children who are always in a hurry. If you want to talk books, television, movies, actors, World of Warcraft, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, or music (she loves music!), drop her a line at Author’s Website: Author’s Facebook: Author’s Instagram: Author’s Amazon: Author’s Goodreads: Author’s BookBub:

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