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Kindles in the Wild - Caliber Collision Nottingham - October 7, 2021

No books in this post, but still the perfect location.

I feel like the fun just never stops around here. Yes, it’s totally sarcasm at work. Two weeks ago, I was minding my own business trying to turn right at a stop sign when BAM! my baby took a hit in the tail. Yes, there was a moment of complete disbelief, come on! She only has 16,700 some miles on her of course I was shocked! Anywho, I was nice and pleasant to everyone, although I really wanted to throat punch the guy who hit me, but I didn’t! Take away from that, be nice even if it kills you.

No worries though, USAA, Enterprise Rental Car, and Caliber Collision came to the rescue. Not to mention some fantastic friends who lugged me and my stuff all over the place. I would thank the tow company, but I sat on the side of this little dinky no name road for four hours while people screamed and hollered and honked at me, so we’ll just leave them out of it. But kudos to Raul for coming to the rescue of me and all my Book Pillows with a lift home!

USAA spent over an hour getting me a tow and a rental car and a representative assigned to my claim. Thank you so much to the employee who answered the phone that day!

Enterprise Rental Car couldn’t guarantee me a car until Tuesday but put me on the waiting list for Saturday and Sunday. And thank goodness they did! I got the call first thing Saturday morning that I could pick up my car and when I got there, thank you Karen and Jim, they set me up with this 2021 Toyota 4runner with only 6,800 miles on it. So thankful I was able to get around as I needed and to work at the hospital every day. It wasn’t something I would have purchased for myself, but I loved every minute of it. What can I say I am a creature of comfort, I love the bells and whistles in my baby, the link to Nissan and the onboard map it provides, the panoramic sunroof, and not having to dead drop to get to the ground because of no running board and only being 5ft tall.

I can’t gush enough about this next group! I mean I totally hope I never need their help again, but they put forth their best effort on this one. Dale and her team were courteous and kept me informed throughout the entire process. And when they hit a snag with a back ordered bracket, they pulled out all the stops to find one locally and get me back on the road.

My baby looks like new, and I couldn’t be happier. I even found out that I have that handless back lift assist on my car. Dale made it look easy to hit the sensor. I’ve tried three times since yesterday and I think the neighbors believe something is wrong with me. Hopefully they don’t call out the men with the little white coats any time soon. I am determined to become a pro at using it now that I know it is there.

A huge shoutout to Julie for running me all over the place to pick up my car and drop off the rental. Okay, the liquor store and Cheesecake Factory had nothing to do with car pickup or return, but it sure was fun. And thanks for the opportunity to drive the 2021 BMW sedan, such an amazing ride! Again, not one I would pick for myself, but it's good to explore all of your options.

Overall, this has been a fantastic experience, albeit one I hope to never repeat. My plans were foiled, but at least I know I can still be nice and kind when I would rather be raging. If you are in the area and in the market, I would certainly send you over to Caliber Collision to have your body repairs done right.

Happy Reading


Caliber Collision

8400 Belair Rd

Baltimore, MD 21236



619 York Rd

Towson, MD 21204


USAA Auto Insurance


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