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Kindles in the Wild – Bear in a Bookstore – Liz Paffel – Lamberton Conservatory – May 28, 2022

We are going to go on a little time hop for this venture, so make sure your shoes are tied. The girls and I had some time to kill when we traveled to Rochester last year, and we found this little gem to visit. We headed out to Highland Park to enjoy nature and the wildlife we saw there, not to mention in getting some more steps under our belts. Within Highland Park there is this wonderous place where the animals run wild, and plants are placed in every available spot within and without the building. Everywhere you looked there was a fantastic burst of colors and little nooks that are perfect places to stop, enjoy, and read. And look! They even had a little library to help you out if you didn’t bring your own reading material. As you know I always carry my own, so I was all set.

And what a wonderful book I had to take along for the journey. This book was absolutely phenomenal! I love the injured lady just trying to make it, and her burly alpha male that wants nothing more than to protect her and make her his own. Not to mention I adore the bookstore setting as I would love to make my own go at a bookstore. These two characters came together and overcame their pasts to find the best HEA.

You guys are not going to want to miss it! And you don’t even have to travel to Rochester to read it. Although I would recommend stopping in at the conservatory if you find yourself in the area. It might be a little steamy inside, which is actually perfect if the book you take is hot enough to steam up your glasses, but maybe that’s what the magic needs to make the experience so memorable.

Happy Reading!


Lamberton Conservatory

Highland Park Conservancy

180 Reservoir Avenue

Rochester, NY 14620

Bear In A Bookstore (Estes Park Shifters Book 3)

Published to Amazon on May 13, 2022

Author Liz Paffel

A treasure hunt gone wrong. A grizzly shifter who will stop at nothing to claim his mate

Grizzly shifter Desi Mitchell is ready to settle down and start a family. As a former security expert for the United States military, he's starting his own security firm just in time as frenzied treasure hunters from the Famous Race take over the town and bring a rash of weird happenings. He’s watching out for the residents, including sexy new bookstore owner, Kora Meredith. His bear wants to claim her as his fated mate. She wants him to secure her home tighter than Fort Knox and get lost.

Kora is converting the hundred-year-old brothel into a bookstore to help forget her past. Staying busy helps soothe her chaotic mind—a mind that won’t let her have a relationship, or grand adventures, or go to the store somedays. She tries to deter Desi when he insists on helping her. She resists when he swears they are fated mates.

But the clues lead them to a treasure neither of them was expecting. And danger threatens to push Kora over the edge. Can they find what they’re looking for before it’s too late?

BEAR IN A BOOKSTORE is the third book in the Estes Park Shifters series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. Enjoy the ride with one sexy ex-Marine grizzly shifter, a deer with a strange fetish, a secret room, some cool treasure, and a woman outrunning her past... and falling right into the lap of the man she can't resist!

Official published review:

Read between the lines

I’ve always wanted to be a treasure hunter and this book was a fantastic glimpse into the life. I love how the author embraced mental health and really enhanced the characters by giving them real world problems and helping them to cope with them. This story had so many amazing layers and each page was an adventure I didn’t want to end. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!

5 stars


I'm a multi-published author in contemporary romance with a deep love of all things Sci-Fi and paranormal. Crossing over into these genres has made my author career complete! I enjoy writing about the "what ifs" and possibilities science might bring in the future. Like, dishwashers that load themselves!

I reside in the deep midwest where we often have all four seasons in the same day. Winters are long and pristine, and summers are short. In between writing, I camp and hike as often as possible-- that's often where new stories are born!

Author’s Website:

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