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Kindles in the Wild – Alpha – Sara Fields – July 23, 2021

The location of this jaunt was unplanned for us, we originally set out to pick berries at a local farm. Too bad we didn’t realize that you had to pre-purchase your ticket for the berry picking. Oh well, that is why have learned to adapt, and we ended up finding a location that spoke to our inner mermaids. And for the most part we are always prepared to hit the water or the trails, except for that one pesky little missing item. A bathing suit for Mollee. I thin she would have survived, but she insisted that she needed to show off her Maryland pride.

One thing I realized as we were pulling into the parking lot, is that I love seeing the land and the water take over the horizon on my GPS. Especially when you look up and all you can see is sand, boats, and water as far as the eye can see. We couldn’t wait to head out on the water, prepared or not.

This was our first time kayaking at this location, but is it just me or do you expect to see the dead lights from the Lord of the Rings coming up out of the sea grass? The quiet and the grass had me on the lookout for those warriors of old. I am not sure that we will be visiting this spot too many times in the future as it was a little bit of a major workout to paddle around through the grass.

Another thing that I am never without is my Kindle. As you can see my new IPad mini came, but I am still waiting for my awesome new cover, so plain pink it is. I am also still trying to see what works when trying to take pictures of the screen in the blazing sun, obviously it is not yet working out for me, but I promise to keep on trying.

This particular trip saw me catching up on a few pages of this hot new PNR that I didn’t want to put down. I love the author’s take on shifters in this book and how they are the embodiment of mother earth and her quest for reproduction. The characters were fantastic and I found myself caught up in the story from the word go. If you have not yet added this book to your To Be Read list, what are you waiting for?

I know it is cold now, but I hope that you take a moment for the fresh air and waves when the summer heat is on us again. It is the perfect way to refresh your body, your mind, and escape into a book guilt free.

Happy Reading


Eastern Watersports

Miami Beach Park

4001 Bay Drive

Bowleys Quarters, Maryland 21220

Alpha: A Rough Shifter Romance

Published to Amazon on July 10, 2020

Author Sara Fields

He's not an alpha. He's the alpha. And he's going to breed me. I used to believe beasts like him were nothing but legends and folklore. Then he came for me. He is no mere alpha wolf. He is the fearsome expression of the virility of the Earth itself, come into the world for the first time in centuries to claim a human female fated to be his mate. That human female is me. When I ran, he caught me. When I fought him, he punished me. I begged for mercy, but mercy isn't what he has in mind for me. He's going to force one brutal climax after another from my naked, quivering body until my throat is sore from screaming and he's not going to stop until he is certain I know I am his. Then he's going to breed me. Publisher's Note: Alpha includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Official published review:

One with the earth

The author went above and beyond with this book. She started with an air of intrigue, and then added a touch of magic, rounding it out with danger, excitement, and heat, keeping me glued to the edge of my seat until the last page. I love her new take on shifters, and the struggles that they face. As always her characters are engaging and I felt drawn to their plight. This story was on the darker edge of romance, but it was oh so good. This was a fantastic story and I can’t wait to see what she thinks up next.

5 stars


Sara Fields is a USA Today bestselling romance author with a proclivity for dirty things, especially those centered in DARK, FANTASY, and ROMANCE.

If you like science fiction, fantasy, reverse harem, menage, pet play and other kinky filthy things, all complete with happily-ever-afters, then you will enjoy her books.

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