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Kindles in the Wild – Alien Awoken – Julie K. Cohen – June 11, 2022 – Roer’s Zoofari

Sorry guys, these are not going to be in any particular order from here on out. Well not until I get my assistant (aka Mollee) set up to help me post and keep me on track. Until then they are driven by the order in which I finish reading the books and which one is going to free up more of my camera roll. 😊

This little zoo was at the tale end of our trip to OC MD, DC and Virginia, we actually went to several zoos on our weeklong adventure, but this was the last. Roer’s is a small little zoo, but they have a lot of hands-on interaction with the animals, and you can even ride a camel. The camel might have been my favorite part! Although imagine my surprise when we rounded the corner, and hello cheetahs! Not something you typically see in such a small zoo. The camel owner was very knowledgeable, and we enjoyed chatting with him even after the kids got finished with their rides. Um no, I did not ride the camel. The last time I did that the girls were wee little tots running around.

The book I took on this little visit was from the middle of a series, but the blurb just called to me and the book did not disappoint. I loved the characters and they really just pulled at the heart strings as they found their way to their HEA. I think one of my favorite parts is that he thinks Clementine was named after a fruit. I have every intention of going back to read the rest of the series, but who knows if that will be before or after I do a re-read of this installment. Just talking about it is making me want to read it all over again.

If you find yourself in the DC/Virginia area I certainly recommend this zoo. They have plenty of animals to keep you entertained for hours, they even have butterflies although it was drizzly the day we went so they were keeping dry among the flowers. And no matter what order you read the series in, I think you are going to love this addition to it.

Happy Reading


Roer’s Zoofari

1228 Hunter Mill Rd

Vienna, VA 22182

Alien Awoken: Sci Fi Mail Order Bride Family Alien Romance (Zyanthan Warriors Book 4)

Published to Amazon on

Author Julie K. Cohen

Baby on Board. Blue, horned alien flying ship. Help!


Jade will do anything to protect her daughter, even cooperate with the blue, horned alien who says a friend sent him to get her, to keep her safe. She’s heard that line before. Jade shouldn’t trust him, but she can’t stay on Earth either. She has to take her chances with Havok. Who has a name like Havok, anyway? But with her baby growing attached to the big blue lug, and the way he holds Clementine as if she were his, Jade may have to pretend to be the alien’s bride… anything to avoid losing her daughter.


Havok always wanted a family. And now he has one. A human and her youngling named after a fruit. He always knew humans were strange, but wonderful at the same time, especially this guarded female and her precious little one. In stealing them from Earth, he’s made them fugitives and now he’s taking them to the worst place possible... home. Zyan. A planet about to be plunged into another war, a planet full of traitors, and worse... his people who reject him because of the color of his skin and horns. The human female doesn’t trust him and will flee if he’s not careful. He will protect her, even if it means betraying the man he’s fought to become for so long, the warrior who swore to protect his planet above all else.


A Warrior For Every Bride

Alien Awoken is a steamy Mail Order Bride Romance with a sweet alien desperate for a family and acceptance, and a few twists along the way. Each book in the series ends in a very Happy Ever After.

Official published review:

Perfect for me

I absolutely love when the outcast is so much more than society thought they could be, and the author did an absolutely amazing job of telling us all about! I don’t think any other woman could have been more perfect for this outcast with a heart of gold. She is gentle and kind while channeling her inner sister and finding her backbone. These two characters were lost and adrift until they found each other. I can only hope that we get to see more of them as the series continues. This book is perfect poolside or anytime you have a few hours to spare.

5 stars


Julie K. Cohen lives in Pennsylvania, USA with her husband, two sons, one daughter, and one very loud German Shepherd. When she's not writing Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance novels, she bakes, solves puzzles, travels, gardens, walks her dog, and reads. She enjoys humor in all forms, but especially parody and puns. Her family hates watching movies with her because she usually figures out the 'bad guy' and plot early in the movie. That said, she always appreciates a good twist! Julie loves developing intricate plots and smart, 'flawed' characters who don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of protecting the ones they love.

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