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Countdown to Christmas - #7

Her Mate's Christmas Gift (An Ironhaven Pack Romance Book 7)

Published to Amazon on November 30, 2020

Author Piper Fox

LEO Leo never expected to find his mate in his best friend, Maya, but now that he has, he’ll do anything to keep her happy. Even if it means he’s separated from his wolf pack and living far from everything knows. But whispers of change among the Ironhaven Pack have made their way to the happy couple, and Leo’s intent on finding out if it’s safe to bring his human mate back into the fold just in time for Christmas. Or if the whispers are all just a trap to lure him home. MAYA Being a wolf shifter’s mate is more than she ever could’ve expected. But big changes are coming, and ones she has no idea how to face down. Her excitement over becoming a mom is dampened by the looming cloud of being the first human/wolf pairing she’s ever known to get pregnant, and she sneaks off to find a sympathetic wolf who might be able to help. Even if everything goes well with her pregnancy, she still hasn’t told her mate, and she’s not sure whether the news will earn her a kiss under the mistletoe, or if he’ll take it like a lump of coal in his stocking. This bite-sized romance is the perfect steamy stocking stuffer for your Christmas season! Get it now!

Official published review:

Forever my home

This fantastic little quicky brought closure to an open wound for the wolf pack. The characters in this story are an established couple that were separated from their family in a desperate attempt to hold onto the past. Thank goodness the ladies of the pack knocked some sense into the alpha and brought the most wonderful Christmas gift home to Ironhaven. This book is a must holiday read and I can’t wait to read more books by this author.

5 stars


Piper Fox writes short steamy paranormal romances for sassy, strong-willed women who love sexy alpha men, fated mates, and insta-love. When she's not writing... oh, who is she kidding, she's always writing or reading in her favorite genres - paranormal and sci-fi romance.

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