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Countdown to Christmas - #6

A Grim Holiday (Tornians Book 2)

Published to Amazon on December 26, 2013

Author M.K. Eidem

It's the Holidays on Luda or at least the Tornian version of the Holidays. When Lisa learned about the Festival of the Goddess she was initially excited, that was before she learned just how Tornians celebrated. The blending of families and traditions was never easy but Lisa and the girls were determined to bring their version of the Holidays to Luanda and the people they had come to love.

Official published review:

An unbreakable chain

What a fantastic holiday story about blending two cultures together. I love that we got to see another glimpse into this couple and how they are finding their way together as a family. This was the perfect short story to get me in the mood for Christmas!

5 stars


I have always loved to read and writing is just a natural extension of this for me. Growing up I loved to extend the stories of my favorite books and TV shows just to see where the characters went. I've been happily married for nearly twenty-five years to an awesome man and have two great kids. Now that the kids are out of the house, at least most of the time, I've found I have the time to write again.

Author’s Website:

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