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Countdown to Christmas – #3

The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas (Stolen by an Alien)

Published to Amazon on December 9, 2018

Author Amanda Milo

Hi. I’m Gwen. I’m a single mom to two growing boys—and now I’m the brand new owner of an alien whose greatest wish in life is to become a live-in nanny. It’s been kind of a weird day. I wholeheartedly recommend adding an alien to your household though. He cooks, he cleans—and the kids love him. But three things you should know if you’re going to keep a seven-foot-tall alien in your basement? You might want to invest in flameproof cookware. He will think of you as his planet’s equivalent of a princess. And my alien is totally stealing my underwear. **This is a 37K, sweet Standalone Novella. Note: Explicit language and adult scenes are contained in this book. ***Heads up for readers of the Stolen series: this is an interconnected standalone, so hop in and have some fun “Ha!” moments with me!

Official published review:

A sentimental heart

I’m in the mood for Christmas and this book was the perfect one to satisfy my craving! I love the characters! They both seemed to roll with the changes in their life, and they had the sweetest hearts. Of course, they also both have protective instincts that endeared them to me even more. The children were adorable! And I just loved their slow transition to a family unit. This book is a fantastic holiday experience! I am looking forward to seeing what the author writes up next.

5 stars


Amanda Milo is a diehard lover of romance. She has written sweet sexy plot ideas, snappy dialogue notes, and crammed entire chapters on everything from notebook paper to library book receipts. (Hey, those receipts could get really long sometimes; there was enough space.)

It’s time to share the stories that have stuck with her over the years.

Author’s Website:

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