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Countdown to Christmas - #23

Dragon's Gift (A Curvy Mate for the Holidays Book 3)

Published to Amazon on December 1, 2020

Author McKenzie Rogue

A mistaken identity. A fated mate. A Merry Christmas. Sterling Ordered to hunt down his little brother in the human world, Sterling is torn between duty and finding his own place as the middle son of a controlling father. Dragon law insists that living among the humans, mating with them, is strictly forbidden, but it’s hard to believe the law is right, especially around his happily mated brothers. He misses his clan, and in this time that seems devoted to giving gifts and showing love to the people who mean the most, Sterling feels like he’s horribly out of place, caught between honor and a life of his own. Of course, when he stumbles across a curvy, tempting woman in need of some Christmas cheer, breaking the law and drinking some eggnog don’t seem like such a bad idea. Cassandra How can Santa call in sick two days before Christmas Eve? Working as a manager in a department store is hardly Cassandra’s ideal career, and if the replacement Santa she found doesn’t show up soon, she’s certain it’ll be a short-lived one too. Although the hot, giant beast of a man walking up to her hardly looks like the jolly man with a belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly, she’ll take what she can get. Even if it means using pillows from the home department to mask his rippling abs. She never thought she’d find Santa Claus all that attractive, but with Sterling Carmine sitting on the throne in the winter wonderland, she finds herself stealing glances at him, watching him laugh and smile with the kids lined up to sit on his lap. He’s hiding something though, and when the real replacement Santa shows up, Sterling’s got some explaining to do if he wants to save Christmas after all. This curvy girl and dragon shifter romance will keep you warm for the holidays. Get it now!

Official published review:

Spread holiday cheer

This book is the perfect introduction to this author! It’s not the beginning of the series, so you may want to start with book one to understand the family dynamics. But the amount of story she managed to include in such a few number of pages is fantastic. I was able to connect with the characters and, although I haven’t read the other books, I was able to understand and enjoy the position that this grumpy Santa was in. I really enjoyed this holiday story and I can’t wait to read more from the author.

4 stars


McKenzie Rogue is a sassy duo who aim to misbehave as long as they’re fully caffeinated. They love to write about curvy heroines and the supernatural alpha men who love them! The best friends bonded over a love of writing, nerdy things, and hot men. No matter what they’re up to, McKenzie Rogue always brings the sarcasm and caffeine. If you want to join our newsletter, and get scoop on new releases, giveaways, sales, and sneak peeks, copy this link and get the prequel, Dragon's Defiance, to our Royal Dragon Shifters series:

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