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Countdown to Christmas - #21

Her Three Santas

Published to Amazon on December 7, 2020

Author Chloe Kent

Three gorgeous Santas. One mistaken Mrs. Claus who hates Christmas. The holidays are never going to be the same again. For suddenly poor heiress Jessica Davies, hibernating the next three months until her next inheritance comes into effect, is all she plans to do. But she knocks on one wrong door and now she’s stuck with three hopelessly hot Santas, deep in the North Pole with no way of returning until after the holidays.

Official published review:

Learning to love the holidays

This was such a fun little holiday read! It was much shorter than the author’s normal books and was missing just a dash of the steam, but it was a perfect way to be reminded of the joy in the season. The three Santas were phenomenal characters, and they make me want to break the rules and stay up to see Santa stop by my house this Christmas, and I loved the elves and Rudolph. I was not as in love with Jessica, but she finally turned around her attitude in the end. This book is another wonderful addition the author’s library and I can’t wait to see what she thinks up next!

5 stars


Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance for as long as she could remember. And now she gets to write them too. Her books always feature a fiery heroine who has no idea what she’s been waiting for until she meets the powerful and dominant hero… or heroes because sometimes it takes more than one. Her favorite things to do are reading and consuming chocolate.

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