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Countdown to Christmas - #19

Staking His Claim (Billionaires And Babies Book 34)

Published to Amazon on December 1, 2012

Author Tessa Radley

When her flaky sister abruptly backs out of their surrogacy agreement, Ella McLeod is left with a newborn she's in no position to care for. She'll have to give the baby up for adoption. Enter Yevgeny Volkovoy—her sister's bossy billionaire brother-in-law. Yevgeny won't let a Volkovoy be raised by strangers; he wants custody now. How can Ella be so cold as to deny him? Even worse—why does this woman warm his steely heart? He may be staking his claim on the baby, but Ella may stake a counterclaim on his bachelorhood.

Official published review:

Finding the perfect mother

This is one of those books that moved me. On the surface the main characters are hard hearted, and their siblings are not much better. But once they start to connect you can see the armor for what it is, and by the end I was crying tears of joy at their HEA. The decisions they thought they needed to make and the ones they actually made created a story I couldn’t have put down if I wanted to. There was no better way to get in the holiday spirit than watching a family be born.

5 stars


USA Today Bestselling author Tessa Radley considers herself a reader at heart and discovered books at an early age. Growing up in a world surrounded by Nancy Drew, Ken and Flicka, Cherry Ames, Anne of Green Gables, Bilbo Baggins and the ponies of the Pullein-Thompson sisters, she eventually moved on to reading everything she could lay her hands on. Tessa loves writing books with a little edge and a lot of emotion—the kind she loves to read. Her favourite kind of characters are those caught in seemingly insurmountable circumstances and Tessa wrestles all day long with how to get them in and out of those impossible situations.

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