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Countdown to Christmas - #18

Baki: Stranded With An Alien, A Sci-fi Holiday Tail

Published to Amazon on November 11, 2022

Author Ella Maven

While on the run from the aliens who abducted me from Earth, I find an abandoned shack on this alien planet and hide inside. When a winter storm descends, I’m stuck inside with no food, no warm clothes, and only melted snow for water.

But I’m not alone. There is a blue alien outside watching me with his violet eyes. I’ve seen his bulk, his powerful tail, and the sharp blades that emerge from underneath his scaly skin. I figure that I’m done for, and that I’ll freeze to death in this shack like a lonely human popsicle. But then the gifts start appearing under a snow-covered tree. And I have to wonder—is this a lure to coax me out of my hiding spot, or is this some sort of miracle? Baki is part of a shared series with talented authors in the science fiction romance genre. It is also a part of the Outcasts of Corin series by Ella Maven, but can be read as standalone.

Official published review:

Not everyone is a fighter

If you find yourself stranded on an alien planet running from bad guys, you are going to want this Secret Santa to come visit you. I enjoyed the slow journey to the HEA for these two. Baki showed such caring and calmness as he overcame her hurt and pain to find the truth of her character. And she was a strong woman who finally realized she could share the burden with her one special person. This book was a cute take on Christmas with just enough action and danger to keep me enthralled until the end. I can’t wait to read the next book in the collection.

5 stars


Ella Maven is the pen name for a multi-published USA Today Bestselling author who decided to finally unleash the alien world that had been living in her head for years. (Is that weird? Probably). Her books feature dominant, possessive aliens who are absolutely devoted to their humans. She lives on the East Coast with her completely normal husband and two spawn who sure seem alien some days.

Author’s Website:

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